Democratic National Convention


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The year 2020 will be momentous for Milwaukee with the Democratic National Convention happening in summer. So, as we ring in the new year, how can we gear up for our unprecedented civic close-up? Read more

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Tom Steyer photo: Gage Skidmore, Michale Bloomberg photo: Gage Skidmore

Socially conscious billionaires Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg could soon be fighting head-to-head for the Democratic nomination. Read more

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Cream City lost the 1948 games to stiff competition. Read more

Milwaukee History


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Milwaukee’s homeless population has until October 31 to evacuate Tent City. Read more

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Get personally involved in local politics and social justice causes; find out how by reading Saving Our Democracy. Read more

Saving Our Democracy


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Meet Earnell Lucas, the man who came in with the goal of restoring the honor, the integrity and trust back to the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office. Read more

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Our state might become the biggest focus nationally for both parties, especially because of its higher percentage of white, non-college-educated voters who are Donald Trump’s strongest remaining supporters. Read more

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With one year left before the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, we need to understand who the candidates are. Read more

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The Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, art exhibits at Green Gallery and The Suburban and more. Read more

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Martha Laning, chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, is retiring and must be replaced. Read more

Black, Blue and Rainbow


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Democrats will be building on their midterm elections success across the industrial Midwest by bringing the excitement of their party’s national convention to Milwaukee in 2020. Read more

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And a new study recommends rebuilding and combining the Domes and the Milwaukee Public Museum. Read more

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Milwaukee's aggressive push to host the DNC has paid off. Read more

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Milwaukee has a good chance to host the 2020 Democratic Party National Convention. Can you help make it so? Read more

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When running the Milwaukee Urban League’s 2020 Supplier Diversity Registration Sessions, Martha Love says the number one question she gets about bringing the Democratic National Convention to Milwaukee is: What can I do to make sure this happens? Read more

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Last week, representatives of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) came to Milwaukee for an on-site inspection to determine if the city met its requirements for its 2020 National Convention. From what I’ve heard, they were impressed. Read more


CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Everyone knows President Barack Obama is a great speaker, but there’s a reason why he also inspires seasoned politicians, a former president and previous presidential candidates to deliver some of the best speeches of their ... Read more

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Bill killed.Nominating Barack Obama for a second term... Read more

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BeforeJason Rae beginshis senior year as a history and political science major at MarquetteUniversity in the fall, he’ll be heading to Denver for the 45thDemocratic National Convention. As the youngest superdelegate in thecountry, he will be ... Read more

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