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Given his rightwing political partisanship in office, Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel does not deserve to be reelected. more

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Environmentalists are worried that the 7 million gallon per day water diversion will harm the Great Lakes and set a dangerous precedent. more

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Joining the zebra mussel and other unwanted invaders in the Great Lakes region is the New Zealand mudsnail; it has recently been discovered in Wisconsin rivers. more

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Dozens of residents living near the Oak Creek We Energies power plant have become increasingly vocal about the unfavorable living conditions in their area. Meanwhile, local organizations are ramping up involvement in the issue. more

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Wisconsin’s environment may be under threat because of a Walker-Trump scheme to weaken the DNR and the EPA. more

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Science is out at the DNR these days. Old-fashioned, right-wing, political propaganda is in. more

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Roughly 70,000 older Milwaukee homes have pipes that could be contaminating residents’ drinking water with lead and need to be replaced. But at about $3,000 per home, who will pay for the more than $500 million needed to fix the problem? more

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The faith-based social justice organization WISDOM and its allies are supporting prisoners at Waupun and Fox Lake correctional institutions by attempting to donate bottled water to them following reports of unhealthy levels of lead and copp... more

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Pending court cases and a new deadline of Dec. 31 could force Milwaukee County to jumpstart its solution to this years-long battle over fixing the Estabrook Dam and reinstating a lake within the Milwaukee River or pulling it out of the wate... more

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Waukesha still needs to jump through a few hoops before it receives Lake Michigan water under the Great Lakes Water Compact. more

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When corporate polluters no longer have to worry about being prosecuted for destroying the environment to boost their profits, can we truly believe they will voluntarily stop pollution out of the goodness of their hearts? more

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Penokee Hills stand as a reminder that people who care about natural resources can still win against sleazy politicians on the take. more

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On Aug. 15, the Friends of Hank Aaron State Trail will be leading a leisurely two-mile stroll along the trail to highlight public art found along the way. Similar events continue into September. more

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Gov. Scott Walker’s recent proposal to gut the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shows that not only is he a rabid right-winger, he’s living in denial. more

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“This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time.” -Tyler Durden.We’ve gone from horse power to steam power to internal combustion to the speed of information. The contemporary world doesn’t allow for much time between breaths. That’s w.. more



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Lex Allen’s debut Anonymous Vibes fell under the radar when it was first released early last year, which was a shame if not a surprise, given that it was a posh, contemporary soul album in a city where there isn’t a huge market for that kind of th.. more

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Tonight, leaders from theWisconsin Department of Natural Resources fisheries team will discuss and seekadditional feedback on the Lake Michigan Integrated Fisheries Management Plan. Thisplan will guide fisheries management of the lake for the n.. more

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Only in Wisconsin would the sordid Abu Ghraib prison torture scandal be re-enacted with cows in the role of the victims of abuse.Remember when California dairy farmers launched a series more

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Ed called up Charley and said the two of them owed it to themselves to go on one last Wisconsin deer hunt. They weren’t getting any younger and everybody else in their old deer hunting party more

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Gov. Scott Walker and Republican legislators are launching a brand-new war on the poor in Wisconsin under an absurd belief the poor may have too much money more

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