Der Blaue Reiter

“Kandinsky: A Retrospective,” a joint project of the Milwaukee Art Museum and Centre Pompidou in Paris, opens in Milwaukee on June 5. The exhibition features works by Wassily Kandinsky (1886-1944) and related artists from Munich’s Blaue ... more

A&E Feature

Quiet you gaudyman!Slowly slidesthe old house from the hill. The old blue skyis stuck hopelessly betweenbranches and leaves.Don't call methere!A strikingnumber of nations have declared a national animal, a national bird, a nationalflower (a... more

Visual Arts

The day before Liam Francis, a 26-year-old chef for the British army, arrived at his forward operating base in Afghanistan, the Taliban shot down the helicopter ferrying in food rations. This meant that Francis had to make do with the suppl... more

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