In the new podcast "Shotgun Wedding," the Optimism Vaccine crew starts with a central film. Then, much like a wine and cheese pairing, they debate what would make for the best double feature pairing with that central film.Each guest chooses a c.. more

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In the third installment of the Sexpress: He Said / She Said Podcast, Liz and Tyler tackle a listener's question about tricky parenting boundaries.Also, in a new segment, they welcome special guest Allison Dunne who shares a doozy of a bad date.. more

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In Mark Mothersbaugh: Myopia, Adam Lerner explores how Devo was an art collective posing as a band, a Dada ensemble parodying the pretentions of rock music. Mark Mothersbaugh, the art school graduate at the center of the project, is the sub... more


Summerfest hasn't released its 2010 attendance figures yet, but I'll be surprised if the final numbers aren't strong. The music festival was blessed with 11 days of near-perfect weather and, perhaps as importantly, seemed to enjoy a renewed air of.. more

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Devo has remained plenty active since they released their last album of new material, Smooth Noodle Maps , in 1990. They’ve toured heavily, recorded music for movie soundtracks, experimented with multimedia projects (including a more

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In preparing its comeback album, Something for Everybody, Devo took the unusual step of inviting fans to pick the 12 songs from a pool of 16 that would make the album.“We did it on purpose as an experiment,” Gerald Casale explains in a rece... more

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While critics have spilled the most ink debating the significance of Thank Me Later, the unexpectedly melancholy debut album from rap phenomenon Drake, this week sees the release of several other noteworthy albums. *  Tom Petty an.. more

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Brookfield’sHaute Taco (18905 W. Capital Drive) has been open for nearly a year. Asyou would expect, the specialty is gourmet tacos. The carne asada tacosare made with a quality of beef rarely foun,Dining Out more

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