Dim Sum


Photo by Lauren Kirsch

The word “merriment” is defined as fun, gaiety and enjoyment, and Merriment Social is just that. It’s more than dinner—it is a social, festive activity. The craft cocktails are creative libations that are a generous pour and have fun sig... more

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Experience Asian culture at its colorful best. Milwaukee’s premier showcase for Asian culture. Asia Fest of Milwaukee is an experience ofmusic, dance, food and fellowship binding cultures from across Asia into acolorful, vibrant, and delicious f.. more

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In the Chinatown neighborhood of big cities, you will always find a dim sum restaurant. They are usually busiest at lunchtime, during which servers push metal steam carts around the dining room and allow patrons to choose from any of the of... more

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Steve Miller is one of the most successful musicians ever to come out of Milwaukee, an esteemed blues guitarist who crossed over into pop-rock stardom with his 1973 album, The Joker . Singles came easily to him for the rest of more

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Dimsum, the Chinese equivalent of tapas or small plates, makes for aunique dining experience. Larger restaurants boast cart service, withnumerous carts bearing a variety of items. One former Milwaukee,Dining Out more

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