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2017 has been quite the year for the Milwaukee dining scene! Here's a roundup of the new restaurant openings we've covered in the last year. more

Dining Out

From Oct. 16-22, people can enjoy some of the best pizzas Milwaukee has to offer as part of a citywide celebration: the Shepherd Express’ first-ever Milwaukee Pizza Week! more

Dining Out


Lacey Muszynski shares her favorite "cheap eats" in Milwaukee. more

Dining Out

Cocktails are gaining steam in Milwaukee. Increasingly, bartenders are seeing cocktails as a way to experiment with flavors the same way chefs create new dishes. Restaurants are pairing food not only with beer or wine anymore, but cocktails... more

Brew City Booze

Summerfest recently revealed this year's new food lineup, and there's practically a new item for each of the fest's 50 years in business. I was able to try some of the new foods at,Brew City Booze more

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The Shepherd Express Patio Guide 2017 more

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Whether you’re in the mood for burgers or sushi, you can find what you’re hungry for in the Shepherd Express’ City Guide Dining Guide. more

City Guide

There's a huge diversity of cuisines available and you can be assured that everywhere you go is about as unpretentious and relaxed as it gets. more

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Todd Lazarski shares his picks for the six best ethnic food neighborhoods in Milwaukee. more


Love it or hate it, it appears small plate dining is sticking around for a while. more

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The tradition of not-quite-breakfast-not-quite-lunch is alive and well here in Wisconsin. more

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Whether it's stewed, deep fried or on a biscuit, there are plenty of restaurants where you can get your comfort food fix in Milwaukee. more

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Five of the best bars for going all out with holiday decorations and special cocktails this December. more

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Todd Lazarski shares five great places to eat pastor tacos in Milwaukee. more

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Milwaukeeans love their dive bars. Every neighborhood has one—or seven—and locals are loyal to their favorites. Because of this local tavern culture, the term “dive bar” isn't a bad thing around here; instead it implies and warm, humble ... more

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Chili season is in full swing. The weather has turned blustery and football has taken over Sundays. Many people cook chili at home, but like all comfort food, sometimes it just tastes best when it's cooked for you. Here are 10 of the best p... more

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Milwaukee is a meat and potatoes town, with burgers andfrench fries being perhaps the most popular variation on that theme. No matterwhat kind of burger you like—smashed, buttered, pub-style, grilled—there areall kinds to choose from. Here are .. more

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Photo by Lacey Muszynski

Fall is on its way, and that means football. Packerspreseason games start this week already—can you believe it? I love cooking abig pot of chili and staying in for the games, but watching a Packers game at asports bar is something I have to do .. more

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Pictured: Lakefront Brewery

I'm always on the lookout for new alcoholic beverages, andthere's certainly no shortage of products hitting the market. Here are some I'mmost excited for; hopefully you'll find a new favorite too. All Together Now HopfenweizenThis new brew.. more

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Iron Horse Hotel, Facebook

As unlikely as it may seem right now, summer will eventuallymake an appearance in Milwaukee. So when those couple months of hot, sunny daysfinally get here, we take advantage of them as best we can--by drinking outside.Here are some of the best.. more

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