One of two musicals to open last week, Windfall Theatre's season closing production of A New Brain is easily the more risky fo the two. A musical theatre piece about a songwriter with a brain tumor isn't exatly well-trodden territory, especally i.. more


  After months of staging other people's work, Alchemist Theatre co-founder Aaron Kopec presents a work of his own written and performed with Kirk Thomsen. It's a short drama called 31 about an investigationinto the crimes of a serial murderer. .. more


On April 18th, Insurgent Theatre opens its short drama Cracks In The Floor as part of a double feature with Alchemist Theatre. Developed in the Insurgent Theatre Workshop, Cracks In The Floor has had a very experimental trip to the stage, which is.. more


In many cultures, Black Lips are considered unbecoming because they “tend to cast a I Love India. ,Music Feature more

Music Feature

"We aren’t a dance band, but we all like to dance,” drummer Mi Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins. ,Local Music more

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The mission of theArabesque Music Ensemble (formerly the Chicago Classical OrientalEnsem It All Started ,CD Reviews more

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Yesterday, Wisconsin went to the polls to decide who would represent their Party in Novemb It All Started ,Letters more

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