At the same time that Waukesha nightclubs were filled with costumed gypsies and scary monsters celebrating Halloween, another cast of costumed revelers was singing and dancing in unison in a fine production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Read more


Local theatrical productions this week include The Hunchback of Notre-Dame by Waukesha Civic Theatre and a puppet show take on the classic 1968 horror film, Night of the Living Dead at Next Act Theatre. Read more

Performing Arts Weekly

Disney has yet another Beauty and the Beast in the pipeline. Meanwhile, the 2014 French version of La belle et la bête is out on Blu-ray and dubbed in English. Despite the fairytale voiceover narration, this rendition verges on PG-13 for se... Read more

Home Movies

In 1981, The Walt Disney Company introduced their first liveice show Walt Disney’s World on Ice .After a few iterations it became what we know today as the Disney on Ice series and has grown into an international phenomenon withnew shows int.. Read more

Around MKE

About 85% of the audience on the opening night of Disenchanted (at Vogel Hall) was female. Generally speaking, these women seemed as if they were enjoying this girls-night-out. Their frequent whistles and applause signaled that they identif... Read more


The documentary Life, Animated recounts the remarkable story of 3-year-old Owen Suskind diagnosed as severely autistic, whose loving family discovered that Disney animated films were the key to releasing Owen from the prison of his disabili... Read more

Film Reviews

Pixar’s latest feature film, Finding Dory, operates on multiple levels. For young kids, it’s a spectacle of color, motion and slapstick as the adult jokes and pop-culture references race above their heads. Alert grown-ups will notice that P... Read more

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In Barbershop: The Next Cut, Calvin’s barbershop, now employing female beauticians as well as male barbers, is the setting for all kinds of fun and drama. A serious tone is taken when neighborhood crime threatens both the shop and local kid... Read more

Film Clips

Kids perform for other kids and their parents as Oconomowoc’s NewTheatre on Main presents a staging of The Little Mermaid Jr. Yes, Ariel appeals to smaller audiences, but here the Little Mermaid is even...little- r as NewTheatre on Main pr.. Read more


To the delight of children and lifelong Disney fans alike,Disney on Ice will return to the BMO Harris Bradley Center this weekend toperform Dare to Dream. The performancecombines Disney classics Snow White and Cinderella w.. Read more

Around MKE

Rob Marshall, who directed the last musical to win a Best Picture Oscar, Chicago, successfully brings the Broadway hit, Into the Woods, to the screen with an all-star cast and sensitivity for the thorniness of the folklore behind Sondheim’s... Read more

Film Reviews

Milwaukee’s Kane Place Record Club aren’t exclusively about feel-good kicks. Beneath the agreeable swing of the popular Milwaukee soul-pop band lays just the slightest note of something more sinister, and director John Roberts has a lot of fun pla.. Read more

On Music

“Ars longa, vita brevis,” was a commonplace among the Romans andthe Greeks before them. “Art is lasting, life short.” Seems reasonable, butthen again, the ancients probably never saw an ice sculpture.What, after all,is the appeal o.. Read more

Visual Arts

Those lovable ogres from Monsters, Inc. have returned. The motley, brightly colored beasts from Pixar Studio’s popular 2001 animated feature are back for Monsters University, a prequel featuring the key characters in their Read more

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The nonentities increasingly populating the Rotten Tomatoes movie review site have complained about the theme of Cars 2, a cartoon that dares to question the fossil-fuel-industrial complex. Whether these so-called critics are against movies... Read more

Film Reviews

The basic $75 cover to this blowout includes an open bar until 1 a.m., free Miller beer until 2 a.m., free gated overnight parking, midnight and 2 a.m. champagne toasts and complimentary 1 a.m. appetizers. The lineup is one of the Read more

Today in Milwaukee

In his elegantly modulated tone, Pierce Brosnan tells us at the onset of Oceans that to know the sea, you must see it, hear it, feel its power. The high definition documentary he narratives, a Euro-Disney co-production, brings the vastness of th.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

The lineup of Blonde Redhead—two Italian brothers, Amedeo and Simone Pace, and one Japanese woman, Kazu Makino—almost makes the band so exotic as to be from another planet. From its 1995 self-titled debut up through 1998’s In An Expressi Read more

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For diehard music fans of a certain age, a Nick Lowe concert is an event. Forget for a moment the infrequent airplay back in his post New Wave heyday with Rockpile and his production credits with The Pretenders, Graham Parker and Elvis Cost... Read more

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