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 Manyfilm buffs consider Werner Herzog as a ‘70s art house director who moved intodocumentaries during the past 15 years, but as Eric Ames reminds us, Herzogmade documentaries from the start. Ames’ book, Ferocious Reality: Docum.. Read more

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 Unlikepetroleum and coal, water is a renewable resource. But don’t drink easy. Theworld’s reserves of fresh water are dwindling in the face of population growthand waste. The Aral Sea has shrunk to one-tenth its old size, the A.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Lucy had the misfortune to have a documentary filmmaker as a father, her dad admits. Most middle class kids are often caught on home video in our digital-mad age, but director Doug Block was a little obsessive in documenting his daughter's life.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

The odds are slim that you'll win big in any lottery, but odds are someone will hit the jackpot. And if it's you, what if all your dreams come true? It kind of depends on your dreams, which come from the kind of person you are. Lucky is an a.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Runners-up:Rep. Bill Kramer and Sen. Jeff Plale (tied),Best of Milwaukee 2009 Read more

Best of Milwaukee 2009

If Congress fails to enact health care reform this year-or if it enacts a sham reform desi Montana Standard ,News Features Read more

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Touring in support of Resisting the Viral Self, their first complete studio album after a plethora of live bootlegs and scattered other recordings, the Cincinnati ensemble Realicide re-envisions hardcore for the 21st century, pairing it wit... Read more

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