Dog Sees God

Waukesha’sOutskirts Theatre Company opens the first show of its inaugural seasonthis month as it presents Bert V. Royals’ Dog Sees God: Confessions of aTeenage Blockhead. It’s an interesting choice for an opening show—acoming of age story with.. more


Thisis what happens after the comic strip. The panels drain of their color. We onlysee the black outlines of panels. They're empty. They are a void of color. Onlythe concrete grey that seems to cover everything. The silhouettes of the emptycom.. more


Waukesha’sOutskirts Theatre is looking to launch a production of Bert V. Royal’s DogSees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead. The clever and dramaticmutation of the Peanuts comic strip characters is currently being stagedlocally by Splinte.. more


Dog Sees God is playwrightBert V. Royal’s look at a post-modern post- Peanuts Charlie Brown gang. It’sbeen a long time since the strips and the characters are all teenagers now.Things are considerably more complicated than they were when they w.. more


I’m not gay, but I’m familiar with coming out. I’m a chubby chaser. I like thick girls with lots of curves. The bigger the better if you ask me. People don’t get that it’s hard to “come out” about your sexual preferences and desires when... more

Hear Me Out

The platinum success of Dark Side of the Moon turned Pink Floyd into the standard bearer for ‘70s album rock and a lumbering bullseye for the nascent punk movement. It was a strange journey for a band whose members were virtually anonymous ... more


In the Alchemist Theatre’s production of Vince Figueroa’s comedy 8-Bit Warrior , Rob Maass plays Will Davies, a young man unsure of what to do with his life. He doesn’t have a purpose outside of the arcade. Anne Graff LaDisa more

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