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Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States. He was inaugurated in January 2017. Before his presidency, Trump was a real estate mogul and reality TV personality. 

Think you know all there is to know about Sen. Tammy Baldwin? Think again. She delves deep into her story in a recent Shepherd Express interview. more

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Is the current occupant of the White House nuts? Read On the Couch and find out what the shrink thinks! more

On the Couch

Trump’s base is a fringe element. Their only loyalty is to Donald Trump—certainly not to pale Republican imitators who don’t get their blood boiling at raucous hate rallies. more

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Besides assuring urban voters Tony Evers won’t be openly hostile to them like Scott Walker has always been, Mandela Barnes speaks to the struggles of families in all neighborhoods in Wisconsin. more

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The only political conspiracy so far is among Republicans hell-bent on confirming Brett Kavanaugh despite all his sordid baggage and dishonest testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. more

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Given his rightwing political partisanship in office, Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel does not deserve to be reelected. more

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Maverick filmmaker Michael Moore directs his anger and humor at the 2016 election (and American politics) in Fahrenheit 11/9. more

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Boil away the alternate futurism and potted history, what remains in Blaming China is a provocative essay on the state of America. more


An illustrated opinion piece by Susan Bietila. more

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Paul Ryan’s sanctimonious public pronouncements rarely bear any resemblance to what he and his fellow Republicans are actually doing. more

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While hot primary contests for governor and senator dominated Wisconsin news this summer, the statewide race for attorney general (between Josh Kaul and Brad Schimel) has been set for a year. more

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We go Off the Cuff with Milwaukee Urban Debate League’s John Tao, a national circuit debater in high school and coach for undergraduate speech and debate programs in law school. more

Off the Cuff

Small group health care coverage, the market for organizations with less than 50 employees, is experiencing a high level of turbulence. This isn’t an accident, but a clear result of intentional public policy; one our state could correct. more

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Scott Walker presides over the oldest, largest and most expensive system of taxpayer-funded private voucher schools in the nation. more

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Understood correctly, Social Security is not a one-way transfer of funds from workers to retirees. Rather, it is a program that recognizes the reciprocity between generations. more

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The 2018 Milwaukee Fringe Festival offers a lineup of more than 20 sets to experience on the weekend of Aug. 25 and 26 at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts. more

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There’s a common, everyday issue that reveals just how little Donald Trump and Republicans actually care about all those “forgotten Americans” who desperately hoped two years ago a self-absorbed billionaire blowhard would somehow be on their side. more

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U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin is looking stronger than ever against either of her extremely unpleasant Republican challengers—Kevin Nicholson or Leah Vukmir—whose bloody cage match will come to a welcome end with next week’s Tuesday, Aug. 14, primary elect more

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The latest development in Donald Trump’s total destruction of political beliefs within the Republican Party is his creation of a $12 billion, taxpayer-funded welfare program for farmers. more

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Read Shepherd Express’ Saving Our Democracy column for a list of political and social justice activities you can get involved with taking place throughout the greater Milwaukee area for the week of July 26-Aug. 1, 2018. more

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