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Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States. He was inaugurated in January 2017. Before his presidency, Trump was a real estate mogul and reality TV personality. 


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When the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in 2015, didn’t it say the Constitution guaranteed everyone will be treated equally under the law regardless of sexual orientation? Read more

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Donald Trump isn’t going to make it easy for Republicans to ignore all the evidence and exonerate their party’s president in a Senate impeachment trial. Read more

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After nearly a decade, despite taking a beating through litigation, repeal efforts and executive branch hostility, the ACA remains the law of the land—but for how much longer? Read more

Navigating Health Care & Insurance


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The U.S. Congress is launching an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, after an anonymous whistleblower filed an “urgent” and “credible” complaint against him. Read more

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The good news for Democrats is that, after some squabbling, the candidates did present some positive ideas to restore competent national leadership. Read more

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Our state might become the biggest focus nationally for both parties, especially because of its higher percentage of white, non-college-educated voters who are Donald Trump’s strongest remaining supporters. Read more

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Republican legislators are willing to spend millions of taxpayer dollars to prevent Democratic Gov. Tony Evers and Atty. Gen. Josh Kaul from performing the jobs voters elected them to. Read more

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Either through reckless incompetence or vicious malice, President Trump and his underlings deny the possibility of a coming recession. Read more

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The NRA used to support responsible gun ownership, but that was long ago. Read more

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After the tragedy in El Paso, Texas, Trump’s hateful rhetoric continues to cause problems. Read more

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I was watching the debates the other night and I thought that if Joe Biden’s campaign craps out, he ought to get into the entertainment industry ’cause I sure as hell can see him as the goofy neighbor on some kind of stupid-ass TV sitcom, ain’a? Read more

Art for Art's Sake

Milwaukee organizations are taking action to help those caught in the border crisis. Read more

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The MORE Act aims for federal decriminalization of cannabis and social justice. Will it become federal law? Read more

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It’s time to clear away the clutter of so many candidates with almost no support and give those with the most popular and financial backing more opportunities to present their messages. Read more

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In an exclusive interview, Chuck Chvala discusses the most important issues facing Wisconsin and the challenges Gov. Evers faces. Read more

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Telling dark-skinned Democratic congresswomen to ‘go back where they came from’ was not just racist, it was an attempt to turn Jewish voters against Democrats. Read more

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Trump’s latest Twitter tirade leads to a disturbing racist chant at his recent Nazi Party-style rally in North Carolina. Read more

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The primaries are months away but the race for public attention has begun. Read more

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Fighting alone for cannabis reform since the beginning of his political career, Bernie Sanders has recently been joined by other champions of legal marijuana. Read more

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Donald Trump kicked off his re-election campaign by repeating the same racist threats about terrorizing Latino immigrants throughout the country he used to win the presidency. Read more

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