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Prior to the onset of rap music, black Milwaukee was awash in our original rhythm and blues, or ‘doo-wop.’ Read more

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'Land of 1000 Dances' chronicles the Rampart Records story with a set of four CDs incorporated into a profusely illustrated hardcover book. Read more

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With its punchy doo-wop and an eye for the retro, Shannon and the Clams turned the Cactus Club into prom night circa 1955 Thursday, delighting its cult-like, wall-to-wall following and leaving me w,Concert Reviews Read more

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In Trance opens with “Nightwalk,” a roof-shaking roar of heavy blues-rock with Whirling Dervish fiddle, kind of like Cream on tour in Africa, jamming with the locals. JuJu is a superb confluence of British alt rockers and Read more

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Once again, a YouTube parody has summed up conventional wisdom far better than any written words could (although, in fairness, Tom Shales' written words came pretty damn close in this case.) For those who missed the ABC debate last night, .. Read more

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In 1977, Milwaukee filmmaker James Benning recorded 60 one-minute shots of the city&rsquo One Way Boogie Woogie ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Doo-wop was theurban sound of New York City as the 1950s began. It started withteenage b It All Started ,CD Reviews Read more

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