Doobie Brothers

Vliet Street holds its second-annual Fall Festival, while some of the most acclaimed and influential rap stars of the ’80s head to town. more

This Week in Milwaukee

Apart from occasional guest spots on Ed Sullivan, rock music was seldom seen on national television in the early ‘70s until the debut of “The Midnight Special.” A recently released six-DVD set serves as a “best of” collection for the series,.. more

I Hate Hollywood

Troll 2 sank without an air bubble upon release in 1989 and disappeared into the back of the VHS horror bin. The cast was mortified when they finally saw it, especially those who entertained hopes of an acting career. At first, the worldwide web o.. more

I Hate Hollywood

The Doobie Brothers were down with Jesus way before Danny Gokey, channeling Carrie Underwood, was singing for him to take the wheel. The “Jesus Is Just Alright”-singing classic rock band brings the 1970s back to Milwaukee tonight when they ... more

Today in Milwaukee

I ducked out of the office for a couple of hours today to catch Barack Obama’s afternoon town hall appearance in Waukesha. The candidate was running a bit late—apparently an auto factory tour in Janesville went long—so I had plenty of time to t.. more

On Music

Every oncein a while a city gets to experience the rare but fortunate occasionwhen a chef from one of its best fine,Eat/Drink more

Dining Preview