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Secretary of State Douglas J. La Follette has brought transparency and honesty to Wisconsin government for many years, diligently serving the people of Wisconsin without seeking the spotlight. Read more

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If the name Doug La Follette rings a bell, it should; he has successfully and diligently served the people of Wisconsin for many years as secretary of state by monitoring lobbying activities and investigating ethics violations. Read more

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When Wisconsin voters head to the polls on Tuesday, April 3, they will have the final say in the debate over whether or not the office of state treasurer should be abolished. Read more

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Friday the 13thFest, a fundraiser for the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference, will be held at the Riverwest Public House, you guessed it, Friday, May 13.“Friday the 13thseemed like the perfect day to do this event, because it fits into our.. Read more

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We believe that Democrat Doug La Follette is the best candidate for secretary of state. Although the Republican Legislature has diminished the stature of the office over time, La Follette has always Read more

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On Tuesday, May 8, Wisconsin voters will be able to select the Democratic candidate for governor in the state's... Read more

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In the final weeks leading up to the May 8 Democratic primary for governor, the Shepherd will ask the candidates questions about tough issues facing the state, then print their answers for our readers' review. This is the second installment... Read more

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This is a brutal election season for incumbents. But not all incumbents are created equal. That’s why we’re supporting Sen. Russ Feingold in his bid for re-election. Feingold has been a strong supporter of progressive causes, like civil lib... Read more

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