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There are few establishments that operate as gin mill and swanky eatery, art gallery and nightclub, date spot and wing stop, but Elsa’s On the Park is all of the above. Read more

Dining Out

A series of large sculptures dot the streets of Milwaukee and project to a wide, diverse audience and provoke questions. Read more

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Community leaders face the challenge of representing all of Milwaukee’s neighborhoods during the 2020 Democratic National Convention. Read more

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Photo credit: Morning Glory Art Fair

The Morning Glory Art Fair is moving to a new home at the Plaza at the Fiserv Forum. The free, juried art fair runs Saturday, Aug. 10 and Sunday, Aug. 11, and features nearly 130 artists from across the country. Read more

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Directed by Darko Tresnjak, the musical’s next stop on its North American tour is the Marcus Center in Downtown Milwaukee. Read more

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“We’re rolling out the black carpet to celebrate the opening of the Arty Bollocks photography exhibition,” Nō Studios says. Read more

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“We’ve had an exciting first decade, but we’re just getting started,” says Erin Stenum, manager of The Brewery Neighborhood Improvement District #1. Read more

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The Milwaukee Holiday Lights Festival returns for its 20th year as Downtown Milwaukee’s warm embrace of the holiday season. Read more

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The Rumpus Room in Downtown Milwaukee is so popular on weekends that, during a recent visit, the party ahead of us was told there was a two-hour wait. Read more

Short Order

While the changing picture of the Foxconn development signals trouble to some, supporters have framed it as just the company’s way of adapting to ensure long-term success. Read more

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Since late-August, incarcerated people have been participating in work stoppages, hunger and sit-down strikes and commissary boycotts to end prison slavery and demand systemic reform. Read more

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In the wake of the Sterling Brown tasing incident, racial minorities are still waiting for enforcement of a simple rule: that police treat black and brown citizens with the same respect for their lives as they do citizens in white neighborhoods. Read more

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Milwaukee Alderman Bob Bauman said he has learned a lot from reading the “anti-displacement plan” released last month by Milwaukee officials, but the lessons he took away from it might not be exactly what the people behind the report had envisioned. Read more

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The Wisconsin Center District—a business-building entity overseen by a board appointed by the governor, mayor, Common Council president and the country executive—though few know it, is at the heart of what’s happening in Downtown Milwaukee. Read more

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Wisconsin Rep. Evan Goyke talks about his efforts to increase awareness about Milwaukee’s importance to the State of Wisconsin and to increase the city’s influence in state politics. Read more

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Will Downtown Milwaukee once again see a flourishing “red-light district”? A strip club has recently won a lawsuit against the city and obtained a license to begin operation. Read more

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As the organization nears 160 years old, Milwaukee YMCA President Carrie Wall discusses the Y’s path forward. Read more

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In the coming months, Milwaukee officials will have to answer a central question: Is gentrification actually happening in Milwaukee? If it is, is it essentially a good thing? If it’s not a positive for the city, then what can be done to prevent it? Read more

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Milwaukee Area Technical College represented an innovative approach to education when it opened a century ago and remains vital for training workers in the metro area today. Read more

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Milwaukee County plans to install parking meters in many of its landmark parks, raising questions about public access as well as the need to raise revenue to maintain the park system. Read more

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