It's sping, so that means it's also the start of beer fest season. Here are details about a few that are coming up on us quickly. more

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Milwaukee Cocktail Week kicks off Monday, September 26th.The annual event is made up of a week-long series of tastings, cocktail dinnersand special cocktail menus available at bars and restaurants throughout thecity. It was founded by Brian Wes.. more

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As unlikely as it may seem right now, summer will eventuallymake an appearance in Milwaukee. So when those couple months of hot, sunny daysfinally get here, we take advantage of them as best we can--by drinking outside.Here are some of the best.. more

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Well you may be stuck here in Wisconsin for Derby Day, butyou can still celebrate with the most important things: bourbon, Southern foodand hats. Lots and lots of hats. Plus horses, I believe, but the actual raceseems to take a backseat to the .. more

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A good bar is a good bar no matter what time of year it is, and all of these bars are great places to go for a drink at any time. While this is true, there is something special about having a drink.. more

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Photo Courtesy Lynn Friedman, Flickr CCThe owners of a brand specializing in shirts highlightingWisconsin’s drinking culture plan to open a bar in Walker’s Point.Drink Wisconsinbly’s bar and restaurant will keep thenamesake o.. more

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Von Stiehl Winery's Meetthe Makers event is coming up Saturday, June 20th.  Meet the Makers is a unique wine and beer festival with a flavor all its own.The one day festival offerstest batches and unique blends newly released by Von Stiehl Winer.. more

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Thelocal Milwaukee end of the nationally-metastasized Bye Bye Liver sketchcomedy thing hosts a holiday show on theEast Side next month. The full name of the show is Bye Bye Liver: TheMilwaukee Drinking Play Presents: Alcoholiday Drinktacular 2.. more

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Winners in the Out & About category for Best of Milwaukee 2014. more

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What Bernard Herrmann was to Alfred Hitchcock and Danny Elfman has been to TimBurton, Howard Shore is to David Cronenberg. As the director’s soniccollaborator since the ‘70s, Shore has scored 15 of his films. The composer wonOscars for his musi.. more

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Spending time outdoors in the crispautumn air is just what the doctor ordered. While doing so, enjoy some of thefun fall festivities Milwaukee has to offer, the most immediate being MKE Oktoberfest,which promises great food, a nice music lineup.. more

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Toby Keith can be subtle and thoughtful, capable of making palpable very adult and nuanced emotions of longing, loss and regret. That was not, perhaps appropriately, the Toby Keith who played The M,Concert Reviews more

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Where to go, where to go, on St. Drinking's Day… Patrick's Day? We definitely want to sham-rock it, as the holiday is up there with Halloween, New Year's and Mardi Gras as one of the top party days of the year. And so it goes in Milw more

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My dad just turned 80. I could devote many column inches on the enormous impact my father has had on the fabric of so many people's lives over the years (google “John Rosenberg AppalRed” or “John Rosenberg... more

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Super Tuscan. Yet another WineSpeak term that can make a novice wine drinker feel over his or her head -- like "full malo" or "highly extracted." This term for certain Italian reds was all the rage for a few years, and I think has died down... more

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Skateland was nominated for the 2010 Sundance Grand Jury Prize and in the film, it refers to a state of mind as well as a place. Skateland is a skating rink, pool hall and video arcade for teenagers in a nowhere town at the edge of nothing. The p.. more

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Hand it to the folks at Planet Bordeaux. They're a creative bunch. As I've mentioned before, Planet Bordeaux is the marketing arm of the winemakers who produce Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur wines. These are the wines that often get lost ... more

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Hangovers -- a hazard of the occupation. No one can work with wine without tipping back too much from time to time. The morning after. The headache, the nausea, and the sun, as Nicholas Klar once wrote, "is like God's flashlight." Nobody t... more

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Add a little Milwaukee Magic to your holidays with the Milwaukee Holiday Lights Festival, going from November 18, 2010 until January 2, 2011. You'll find a whole lot of holiday spirit in Downtown Milwaukee. Aside from their 500,000 lights... more

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Photographed by Scott Newton and edited by Newton and Terry Lickona, Austin City Limits is a coffee table record of the successful concert program’s long run on PBS. As principal photographer for the show since the first season, Newton has ... more

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