Newest rumors have both Chris Duffy and Hernan Iribarren will be sentback down to Nashville before the Interleague series with the Twins.Gerut will be put on the roster and the other spot is for RJ Swindleand his slow curve ball of doom.The Twi.. Read more

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  Former Brewers skinflint Bud Selig made yet another faux pas when he sent the Astros to play the Division Champion Cubs in a "neutral" facility, our own Miller Park. Selig was trying to ,Sports Read more

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A few scattered, final thoughts on my time in Austin and SXSW: • I’ve learned to love the city and its conveniently centralized downtown. There’s so much to do in such a tightly packed area; and for the first time, I can see why anyone w.. Read more

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Save for the occasional reunion concert—which the band asserts they won’t do Pootie Tang ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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