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A Christmas Carol (1938)

Richard G. Carter offers short descriptions of 12 classic films invoking Christmas in a quirky, darker manner. Each has at least one memorable Yuletide scene or depicts a nontraditional Santa Claus, and each is slice-of-life serious. Read more

A&E Feature

Drew Barrymore, whose most memorable role of the past decade cast her as Adam Sandler’s memory-challenged girl in 50 First Dates, returns here as his love interest. Following their disastrous introduction during a blind date, Jim and Lauren... Read more

Film Clips

At some point in the mid-1970s, playwright Neil Simon wrote a script said to have been partly inspired by the life of a young Dustin Hoffman. The title of the script was Bogart Slept Here. It was set to become a major motion picture titled ... Read more


For director Sam Peckinpah, violence was inseparable from life; it can never be eliminated from human society but should be tamped down if society is to function. In The Wild Bunch (1969), Peckinpah shot the western genre he knew so well full o.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Rain Man is probably the best road picture of the past half century, not just for the cool vintage car and the scenery it passes through, but for being a true journey of discovery. One more thing: Rain Man might stand as one of the few classic Hol.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

For many Jewish immigrants who came to the U.S. between the 1880s and 1920s, baseball was their avenue into America, the badge that said, "You are accepted." The lovingly produced documentary Jews and Baseball (out on DVD) reminds us that the b.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

­To Americans, African music once meant the tribal, tom-tom frenzy heard in Tarzan movies. With Olatunji, they finally got an earful of the real thing. The Nigerian drummer was an exchange student in the United States during the 1950s when ... Read more

Album Reviews

The current exhibit at the Charles Allis Art Museum weaves together two disparate art forms: poetry and fiber. "Threaded Metaphors," which runs through July 26, includes the work of six poets and six fiber artists, all from Wisconsin. The w... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Though Southern Culture on the Skids sing of mobile homes, box-sized motels, fried chicken and other phenomena mostly associated with the region south of the Mason-Dixon, the band would fit right in with Milwaukee’s punk- and rockabilly-lov... Read more

Today in Milwaukee