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For their sophomore LP “Rubicon,” Space Raft crafted an infectious album about sleepless nights and self-doubts. Read more

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Photo by Gary Sabin

Replacements bassist Tommy Stinson took an unorthodox approach to producing the latest record from Milwaukee’s Midnight Reruns. Read more

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Animals take over the Summerfest grounds, while Sprecher Brewery and Dusty Medical Records celebrate big anniversaries. Read more

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For the last decade, Dusty Medical Records has been one of Milwaukee's most consistent record labels, issuing dozens of killer releases from some of the city's best punk, garage-rock and guitar-pop bands, and some gems from outside the city, too. .. Read more

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Tailgate weather isn't even here yet, but Milwaukee already has an early grill-out album of the year frontrunner in Space Raft's upcoming self-titled debut for Dusty Medical Records, an effusive guitar-pop record in the tuneful spirit of '70s rock.. Read more

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Remember Dusty Medical Records? During the mid-to-late '00s, the Milwaukee label released some of the city's strongest garage/punk/rock records (and quite a few good ones from outside of the city, too), but save for an occasional release, the labe.. Read more

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A self-described “poppy, fun rock ‘n’ roll band,” Sugar Stems will release their second album, Can’t Wait, at a Dec. 21 show at the Cactus Club. They hope it won’t be their last day on earth. Read more

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Growing food in the back yard was once viewed as an act of recreation, but in the context of the 2008 film Food Fight , it’s a display of social activism. Christopher Taylor’s documentary charts how American agriculture policy shifted Read more

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Here’s a reminder for the folks who don’t think health care reform is necessary: An estimated 2,400 Wisconsin residents will die prematurely this decade if health care reform is not enacted, and 3,500 Wisconsin residents have died from a la... Read more

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Some of the most stunning textiles sold across the country are created by hand in a studio on National Avenue. Dermond Peterson Design, created in 2001 by Susan Peterson and her sister Sandra Dermond, adorns the choicest of boutiques and de... Read more

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