Filmed before Hollywood imposed a self-censorship code on its productions, Bad Girl is an emotionally, socially, sexually frank glimpse of working-class life and gender mores at the dawn of the Great Depression. Read more

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Lebanon’s candidate for the 2012Oscars, Where Do We Go Now , opens ona highly stylized note: the women of a remote village, Muslim and Christian andall in black, are dancing in tight choreography on their way to the graveyar.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

This conspiracy thriller is surprisingly credible and features the best Nicolas Cage performance in years. Following his wife's (Jones) brutal rape, English teacher Will Gerard (Cage), accepts the sort of offer you can't refuse from a stran... Read more

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Few touring acts were bigger sensations in the 1990s than STOMP, the British dance troupe that broke touring records across the world and spawned an empire that included television specials, commercials and even two IMAX movies. Creating pe... Read more

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Rufus Wainwright released this week a live CD and DVD, Milwaukee at Last!!!, which he recorded at the Pabst Theater in Aug. 27. I haven't seen the DVD yet, but it was a fantastic concert, with Wainwright making great use of the theater's acoustics.. Read more

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In a bill that almost single-handedly atones for the dearth of rap acts at this year’s Summerfest, Lil Wayne and a slew of chart-topping rappers and R&B singers share a Wednesday, Sept. 2 bill at the Marcus Amphitheater which includes Young Jeezy,.. Read more

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It's not just mortgage payments that are keeping homeowners up atnight-housing expenses in general are on the rise. A recent study by the Center for Housing Policy, the research affiliate of the National,The New Economy Read more

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It won’t do much to resuscitate his career, but Dres from Black Sheep has remade his biggest hit, “The Choice is Yours,” into a slick little pro-Obama video: And, lest you need a reminder how great Black Sheep was—and why Dres should ha.. Read more

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  Genesis skipped Wisconsin during last year's reunion tour, but the three-DVD box se When In Rome 2007 ,CD Reviews Read more

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How did you get into video retailing? ,Off the Cuff Read more

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This week's MUST SEE CINEMA film comes to us on DVD, since the new offerings in cinema bring us very little to salivate over.I have yet to see the critically lauded, yet little seen, second film from Andrew Dominik, whose debut film was the Austr.. Read more

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Most films aboutmusicians have such overly determined narratives that they might aswell Once, ,CD Reviews Read more

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I­'m Art Kumbalek and man oh manischewitz what a world,ain'a? So listen, sorr The Complete Travel Detective BibleThe Consummate Insider Tells YouWhat You Need to Know ,Art for Art's Sake Read more

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Unplugged In New York, RevisitedWhat the DVD outtakes tell us about NirvanaThis summer, I wrote a blog post begging for a deluxe edition of Nirvana's MTV Unplugged in New York, and my wish came true (mostly). Last week, Geffen finally released .. Read more

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