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Inrecent decades, Republicans have certainly been far less sympathetic toenvironmental causes than the Democrats, and this year’s batch of candidatesfor the party’s Presidential nomination is no exception.DonaldTrump has remained skeptical o.. more

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Hasone of the many popular shows on HGTV inspired you to renovate your own home?If so, you’re not alone! Home renovations have been on the rise the last fewyears in the U.S. and Canada, which can mean lots of leftover paint. Extrapaint can las.. more

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Research compiled by EarthTalk shows that climate change may threaten the nutritional content of food. more

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Michael Douglas returns as Wall Street's Gordon Gekko on Sept. 24, but for now mean-Michael is on display in the biting drama, Solitary Man. He appears as disgraced car dealer Ben Kalmen. Ben's rapier wit and candor partially disguise his i... more

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It was during some quieter numbers by Lyle Lovett and three members of his Large Band, which helped open the Wisconsin State Fair Thursday, that the singer pointed at the helicopter that had hovered overhead for the better part of two songs... more

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Dear EarthTalk: Given the huge, ongoing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, isn’t it high time the government put a stop to offshore oil drilling once and for all? Short of banning it altogether, what can be done to prevent explosions, leaks a... more

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Performance Poetry in Milwaukee has always had a relatively small following. Performance poetry ANYWHERE has always had a relatively small following. Every now and then, though, there’s a certain style that rises to prominence and gets noticed by .. more

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Singaporewas the world’s first major city to employ congestion pricing in 1975when Got an environmental question? Send it to: earth ,None more

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Dear EarthTalk: What are the major environmental issues that our next president, be it Bar Barnes ,News Features more

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Dear EarthTalk: Aresunscreens safe? Which ones d E. ,None more

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Dear EarthTalk: Summer’sgoing to be a scorcher this year, and I’d like to know how I can keepcool indoors without running my energy-hogging air conditioners all thetime. Any tips? —John McGovern EarthTalk: According to HarveySachs of the nonprof... more

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