Eastside Music Tour

There are more than 80 acts performing at Saturday's Eastside Music Tour, and yet somehow for its segment previewing the event TMJ4 ended up with Juiceboxxx, arguably the one least suited for live television. The enthusiastic Milwaukee rapper grac.. more

On Music

Last year NEWaukee recruited a wide range of Brady Street bars, clubs and restaurants for its inaugural Eastside Music Tour. This year the event will be even bigger, with dozens of Milwaukee's most prominent bands playing more than 30 Brady Street.. more

On Music

Selecting a college has always been one of the most important decisions a person will make, but with today’s one-two punch of rising tuition costs and spiking unemployment, the stakes have rarely seemed higher. For most of the population, a... more

Around MKE

One of the more cerebral affiliates of the sprawling Anticon collective, Chicago rapper Serengeti, who spins thoughtful, nuanced yarns over downtempo beats and abstract samples. Last year he teamed up with producer Polyphonic for more

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