Echo And The Bunnymen

Echo and the Bunnymen join Violent Femmes for an unlikely double bill, while Festa Italiana prepares for three nights of food and fireworks. Read more

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Photo credit: Kelsea McCulloch

In their first Milwaukee show in more than 30 years, Echo and the Bunnymen stuck to a tried and true reunion strategy of not embarrassing themselves. Read more

Concert Reviews

The Bay View Bash, Rock The Green and Doors Open Milwaukee highlight another beautiful September weekend in Milwaukee. Read more

This Week in Milwaukee


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One of the greatest post-punk bands of the '80s is finally returning to Milwaukee. Though Echo and the Bunnymen have released some surprisingly solid reunion records since reforming in the '90s, none of the group's recent tours have taken them thr.. Read more

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If you read Scott Walker’s 2011 budget for Milwaukee County, it’s all sunshine and light—until you look at the substance.If you ask independent analysts, they’ll tell you that it’s extremely risky and unrealistic.First th Read more

Issue of the Week

R.E.M.’s much-hyped performance at SXSW last year felt more like a commercial than a concert. With few nods to their back catalogue, the band spent most of the set deluging the audience with material from their then-forthcoming record, Accelerate... Read more

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Though it’s difficult to consider a product as ubiquitous as beer an endangered resource, in their new documentary, 99 Bottles, a group of Milwaukee filmmakers argue that these are hard times for micr,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee

It might have been better for Echo and the Bunnymen’s legacy if after the band’s climactic fourth album, 1984’s Ocean Rain, the band retired the Bunnymen moniker. The group’s initial four-album cycle detailed a Dante-ish journey from the inferno t.. Read more

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