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While some of the imagery in mother! is compelling, director Darren Aronofsky falls into the trap of contemporary horror directors for whom enough is never enough and subtlety is sacrificed for visual overkill. more

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In American Assassin, counter-terrorism agent Mitch Rapp (Dylan O’Brien) and CIA veteran Stan Hurley (Michael Keaton) team up with a Turkish agent to hunt down a malevolent, mysterious operative played by Taylor Kitsch. more

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Run All Night is much better than a standard-issue run-and-gun flick. It is a top notch Irish-American noir crime drama. more

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In Run All Night Liam Neeson returns to the action genre that made the senior citizen a household name. more

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When pampered millennials play militia trying to scare off Mexicans crossing the border, they accidently kill the wife of a former sheriff. Frontera dramatizes desperation and hope, privilege and prejudice on the U.S. border. more

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Shades of Vertigo haunt director Arie Posin’s The Face of Love—along with memories kept by Nikki (Annette Bening) of her husband, Garrett (Ed Harris). Imagine her surprise when, five years after his death, she spots his exact double. Yearni... more

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After Dusty Crophopper (voiced by Dane Cook) blows his gear box and can no longer race, he is farmed out to the Piston Peak Air Attack team. Comprised of over-the-hill planes and equipment, the gang includes no-nonsense leader Blade Ranger ... more

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After a manmade disaster plunges Earth into an ice age, a small number of survivors climb aboard a perpetual motion, class-segregated train that repeatedly encircles the globe. The locomotive’s owner (Ed Harris) and a handful of the wealthy... more

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<p> With the unlikely success on Broadway of <em>The Book of Mormon</em> and the unlikely ascent of Mitt Romney, Mormonism is moving toward the center of pop culture. Now along comes another look into the strangeness. Out Aug. 21 on DVD, <em>Virg.. more

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By fusing the charcoaled riffs of Black Sabbath with the graveyard grumble of Sisters of Mercy, Type O Negative all but invented their own sub-genre of metal: gothic metal. The band was never above cheap shocks or blatant publicity efforts—... more

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It's been a bad week for Milwaukee punk fans: Two of the week's most exciting punk shows were canceled. The Baltimore art-punk group Double Dagger, which channels all the fury of Les Savy Fav and Fugazi with just half the instruments—no g.. more

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Pounding hooves are the first sound. Soon enough, three horsemen hurry over the crest of a dun-colored hill, framed by the wooden gate to a ranch in desolate country. The city marshal and his deputies have come to arrest one of the hired hands fo.. more

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%uFFFD%uFFFD The first sound is of pounding hooves and the first sight is of three horseme Appaloosa ,Film more

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The first sound is of pounding hooves and the first sight is of three horsemen hurrying over the crest of a dun colored hill, framed by the wooden gate to a ranch in desolate country. The city marshal and his deputies have come to arrest one of t.. more

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Two unflappably laidback local singer-songwriters, Marc Ballini (the winner of the 2006 Sh Shepherd Express ,Today in Milwaukee more

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One of Charlie Chaplin’s most overtly romantic films, City Lights not only starred City Lights ,Today in Milwaukee more

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