Edgar Rice Burroughs

Despite the box-officeshortfall of last summer’s rather silly film, The Legend of Tarzan , thevine-swinging jungle hero continues to hold interest more than a century afterEdgar Rice Burroughs debuted his first pulp novel ba.. more

I Hate Hollywood

<p> <em>The Lorax</em>, the highest grossing movie of 2012 on opening weekend, provided at least temporary relief for Hollywood's anxiety over sinking movie attendance. But then came <em>John Carter</em>, the year's biggest opening weekend disaste.. more

I Hate Hollywood

How do you play a 72-stringed instrument? Ask Ali Amr, a 19 year-old kanun prodigy, who is teaming up with the Desert Sound Ensemble for an assortment of tour dates. The group performs East Asian melodies with a wealth of exotic more

Today in Milwaukee

Shell, a Boston University facultymember, Atlantic magazine contributorand author of Th Cheap: TheHigh Cost of Discount ,Books more