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Theend of the year is a stressful time, what with Thanksgiving and the sundryDecember celebrations. The holidays leave one in a daze. With "Bloomin'Holidaze" the Museum of Wisconsin Art is providing all the accoutrementsne.. more

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Readership!Thispost marks the maiden voyage of Express Milwaukee’s new MKEart blog. Astradition dictates, be sure to break a bottle of champagne over the bow of yourcomputer.Afew words about what to expect are in order. As presently conceived,.. more

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In a futuristic world, vampires and corporate greed rule the roost. The story, heavy on atmosphere uses ghastly mayhem as a means of inducing bouts of conscience in its more sympathetic characters. Except for their love of '40s fashion and ... more

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In the pair of emotionally contradictory images that open Mel Gibson’s Edge of Darkness, swollen corpses surfacing on a moonlit river are followed without pause by grainy home video of a little girl playing in the surf. A line is drawn betw... more

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