Edith Piaf

Among the world’s most ambitious and gifted singers, Kurt Elling pursues what philosophers call the life examined on Passion World. He examines the concepts of passion and romance among various cultures, including songs in English, Spanish,... more

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The Putayamo label has earned a reputation as the classy curator of music from elsewhere. Vintage France is a CD for a Bastille Day spent with good wine and friends—a compilation of contemporary and veteran French singers and musicians rend... more

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Stay Tuned: After the success of the first 88Nine Radio Milwaukee Soundbites fundraiser last year, this year’s attendance soared to 340 at a recent sellout at the Iron Horse Hotel. The crowd was treated to unsurpassed gourmet delights from ... more

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Leslie Fitzwater stands onstage as legendary French diva Edith Piaf. There's a beautifully tragic tone to her voice. Notes cascade out into the theater. Rick Rasmussen's set strikes the same simple elegance as the singer herself and the sin... more

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At her saddest, the voice of Edith Piaf was sorrow itself, intimating that love is a state of unsatisfiable yearning and life is melancholy without end. When she was ebullient, however, Piaf was a bolt of electricity. She was France’s analog to B.. more

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The Rave, 8 p.m. Like their cohorts Witchcraft, The Sword represent a new school of doom m Gabriel ,This Week in Milwaukee more

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