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This April, Milwaukee voters can support a referendum on funding our public schools. Read more

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Protesters held signs that read “Save Our Public Schools,” and “Stop the Bullies: Full Funding for Public Schools.” Read more

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Originally from a poor neighborhood in Puerto Rico, Tony Báez helped develop MPS’ curriculum for bilingual education. Read more


State senator Chris Larson makes a case for increasing the budget for education. Read more

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Wisconsin, like the rest of the country, needs to figure out how to incentivize people to stay rather than watch them leave for greener pastures in other states. Read more

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Republicans are losing votes among college-educated citizens, and their refusal to fund education will lead to a disastrous outcome for them. Read more

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Isn’t it time that we re-think how we fund our schools? Read more

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Brunch with the Barons, a historical beer event, is comingto Milwaukee’s Forest Home Cemetery on Saturday, June 18.Forest Home Cemetery is the resting place for many ofMilwaukee’s beer barons. Brunch with the Barons brings their lives a.. Read more

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The Tool Shed, a locally owned Milwaukee erotic boutique, issponsoring Milwaukee SHARE (Sexual HealthAnd Relationship Education). The weeklong sexuality education event runs April 3 throughApril 10, and will focus on provid.. Read more

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The Milwaukee Public Museum is offering free entry on Thursday, March 3. The promotion is a part of Kohl's "Thank You Thursday".As is the case with many promotions, not everything is fully free. There will be a charge to see the "Ultimate Dinosaur.. Read more

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Youcan change lives—including your own—by serving with the Peace Corps, aone-of-a-kind international, life-changing organization that works at agrassroots level to tackle pressing issues around the globe. More than 215,000Americans have volunt.. Read more

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That should be an easy question to answer. Right? The executiveresidence in Maple Bluff, in suburban Madison. Or maybe not. He’s got a homein Wauwatosa, which he bought when he was Milwaukee County executive. Aquick check of his voting re.. Read more

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A Wisconsin Assembly school accountability bill has nothing to do with raising student performance or making schools more transparent or accountable. It would allow voucher and charter schools to take a different student performance test an... Read more

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The Skylight Music Theatre has been rolling through its production of The Wizard of Oz . It’s difficult to imagine a more familiar story than the old standard modern fairy tale that Skylight is bringing to its main stage. It’s nice to know they’re.. Read more


Glendale’s BayshoreTown Center (5800 N. Bayshore Dr.) will kick off the holiday season with itsannual Holidazzletree lighting ceremony Saturday, Nov. 22 at 6 p.m. Witness the fantastic40-foot live Balsam tree illuminate the night and then enjo.. Read more

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It’s taken a quarter of a century, but Republican taxpayers around the state and some of their representatives are finally starting to realize they’ve been hoodwinked by their own party’s flimflam Read more

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Founded in 1906, the nonprofit Children’s Outing Association (COA) serves Milwaukee children and families by offering educational and development programming throughout the year at its Read more


Because the loudest critics of education don’t really like either teachers or kids very much, those two groups usually receive the most condemnation for the failings of our Read more

Taking Liberties

Founded in 1986 by a group of Milwaukee Public Schools classroom teachers, the independent publisher Rethinking Schools (1001 E. Keefe Ave.) began offering a freely distributed newspaper Read more


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