Eggs Benedict

How the threat of funding cutbacks by right-wing philanthropists threatens public discourse. Read more


Along with several dozen Milwaukee Art Museum members, ARCW staff and the tour’s sponsor, Joe Pabst, Paul Masterson viewed “Art AIDS America" in Chicago’s Alphawood Gallery. He recounts this recent trip. Read more


Niki Johnson is an artist and curator. She’s an advocate for dialogue and strives to get people engaged in culture happenings. You may know her from her Pope Benedict condom portrait, entitled Eggs Benedict. She’s toured the country with her work,.. Read more

Make Milwaukee Rad

On World AIDS Day, Paul Masterson discusses local efforts, past and present, geared toward representing individuals affected by HIV/AIDS in art. Read more


With the theme “Rise Up, Be Visible,” an estimated 1,300 Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin supporters and feminist icon Gloria Steinem celebrated the state chapter’s 80th anniversary and the national organization’s centennial. Read more

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Photo by Jim Wildeman

The 25-artist exhibit “Threshold,” curated by Niki Johnson of Eggs Benedict fame, graces the Charles Allis Art Museum through Feb. 28. Read more

Visual Arts

On Thursday, Aug. 20, at 6:15 p.m., Milwaukee Art Museum will host a panel discussion entitled “Art, AIDS, Religion and Censorship” inspired by Niki Johnson’s Eggs Benedict, a portrait of Pope Benedict XVI crafted out of 17,000 colored c... Read more

Visual Arts

Milwaukee seems to have more than its fair share of ugly art controversies. Public outrage over art gets whipped up regularly by small-minded politicians and right-wing radio. Read more

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Portrait Society Gallery (The Marshall Building, 207 E. Buffalo St., suite 526) is a mini-museum of marvels under the guidance of Debra Brehmer, who stretches the portrait theme beyond, and then some, succeeding where Read more

Visual Arts

Spring Gallery Night brought chilly winds, yet the crowds discovered their untiring enthusiasm for Milwaukee art, so the galleries and venues were filled. Numerous people ventured to see “ Eggs Benedict Read more

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The 2013 Spring Gallery Night and Day, April 19-20, explores themes reflecting life’s transitions, including the expectation of cold and rain ending in time for the popular weekend event. After 25 years, the quarterly art Read more

Visual Arts

Now that Republicans are in charge they’re supposedly focusing like a laser beam on creating 250,000 jobs by the end of Gov. Scott Walker’s first term.So why are the bills being circulated by state Rep. Joel Kleefisch (R-Oconomowoc) focused... Read more

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