Election Fraud

Gov. Scott Walker and his fellow Republicans were determined to do something to put a stop to this wildly out-of-control voting by Democrats. Read more

Taking Liberties 10 Comments

Yet again anothercontroversial Republican bill is flying through the Legislature at warp speed.Last Friday, before theMemorial Day vacation, Greendale Rep. Jeff Stone began circulating his omnibusvoter suppression bill, which, among other thi.. Read more

Happening Now

Is the widespread voter fraud that Republicans keep talking about finally turning up? We think so. But it isn't happening at the polls. It's happening now, before the elections. The ultraconservative, Koch-brothers-funded Americans for P... Read more

Issue of the Week 2 Comments

For the 11th year Milwaukee’s downtown will be lit up this December by thousands of lights as part of the city’s annual holiday display, which includes dozens of light-animated characters and lit rooflines and wreaths distrusted along Wisco... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

A beautiful young woman clutches a raised knife and advances fearfully into the dark unknown. It's long been a visual cliché in slasher and bad horror flicks, but The Strangers is neither. It stars Liv Tyler as Kristen, the woman trying to fend o.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

I think now, for the first time,we have three remai Wausau Daily Herald ,Expresso Read more


And they failed that test miserably. Ever since Republicans began trumpeting the issue o God Grew Tired of Us ,Taking Liberties Read more

Taking Liberties

Bad news for Decemberists fans: The group has cancelled their "Long and Short of It" tour, including both scheduled nights at the Riverside Theater this month. Here's the statement from the band: With much regret The Decemberists ha.. Read more

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