Milwaukee producer 89Godzilla’s latest album is called Post Modern Altruistic Self-Conscious Robots ,and if the title sounds like something The Beastie Boys might have named acollection of instrumental demos, that’s oddly appropriate. The 26-ye.. Read more

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“We can do this all night,” GGOLLDD’s Margaret Butler sings over the coy house synths that open her band’s latest EP, and given the context, you can be forgiven for mistaking what she’s singing about. GGOOLLDD’s songs are never just about fucki.. Read more

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The Milwaukee County Board has been trashed so much lately in the Legislature that someone should recognize the enormous good it just accomplished when it worked with the county executive to improve community justice Read more

Taking Liberties

If you've witnessed Juiceboxxx on the mic, chances are your mind is already made up about him. That's because the Milwaukee rapper's in-your-face bravado tends to garner polarized opinions. Fans laud the energy and unpredictability... Read more

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DJ Kid Cut Up and his fellow DJs in the No Request crew have built a local empire around a very simple premise: spinning independent and alternative hip-hop alongside commercial rap. It’s a balanced formula that keeps hip-hop fans of all pe... Read more

Best of Milwaukee 2010

Dave Longstreth hadn’t intended for the Dirty Projectors to become a real band. He took on the name in 2002 to package what were essentially solo albums, which he recorded with a large, rotating cast of musicians. More than two dozen player... Read more

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Bad news for Katie Couric last week, when her CBS Evening News set a record for the lowest weekly ratings by a network newscast recorded under the current system of ratings. It sounds a lot worst than it is – largely because this week, she has set.. Read more

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Beneath her deceptively small frame and her little-girl haircut, singer Sia boasts a surp Some People Have Real Problems ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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