Rather than copy ’60s rock bands, Club d’Elf brings psychedelia into the 21st century. On Live at Club Helsinki, the band also shows hip-hop’s subtle influence, and the psychedelic aspect shines through the unworldly twang of African string... Read more

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Lee “Scratch” Perry was one of reggae’s midwives, present at its birth, and has continued as the crazy uncle of the family—innovative and provocative in odd ways. With Must Be Free, Perry continues with his accustomed stream of Rasta con... Read more

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As the Milwaukee electronic duo Deletah, Justin Richter and Jeff Alberts never go to long without releasing new music. Every month the two post new tracks to their Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages, including unusual remixes and covers of artists incl.. Read more

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Lifeis full of small coincidences, but truly significantcoincidences are few are far between. Ryan King and Ryan Hinkel meeting in thesame Wisconsin minimum security correctional facility was one of those rare, life-altering coincidences.The t.. Read more

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It’s rather hard to define the music of Flying Lotus in terms of genre. There are basically two reasons for that. The first, and most broad, is that while there’s no shortage of practitioners o,Concert Reviews Read more

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Fans longing for an Outkast reunion should imagine how Big Boi feels. The rapper has made no secret of his desire to see his pioneering Atlanta hip-hop duo end its indefinite hiatus, but his estranged collaborator André Read more

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Garbage have been on the road for a long time now. By the time they finish their tour behind their latest album, 2012’s Not Your Kind of People, later this month, the veteran alt-rock band will have been touring for over a year Read more

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Eastern Europe meets Jamaica in this surprisingly credible collaboration between the Romanian Gypsies of Mahala Rai Banda and such reggae remix producers as Mad Professor and Jstar. The convergence sounds more organic Read more

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Electronic manipulation of acoustic folk music isn't entirely new, considering Death in June's apocalyptic controversies and Beth Orton's trip-hop fusions. Milwaukee/Madison’s John Petty distinguishes his one-man band Read more

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Tarik Moody doesn’t have much regard for genre boundaries. As a DJ for 88.9 Radio Milwaukee, Moody spins a little bit of everything, and as a principal behind the concert series Unlooped, he delights in having local indie-rock Read more

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Echoes of old Colombian rhythms can be heard within Bomba Estereo’s glow-stick electronica and synthetic beats. Elegancia’s tempos run from cool to fiery in colorfully textured dance club mixes. The Bogota-based group has Read more

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The music on LiveSplashes begins with the mysterious tinkle of a vibraphone and dives into liquid grooves composed from Third World and jazz influences. The members of Moscow's Exit... Read more

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Dance music, especially in places like New York City, draws from a global ocean of influences to keep the dance floor full. On Moon People, Brooklyn DJ-producer Nickodemus displays his range on tracks that filter echoes of reggae into dream... Read more

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On the world wine stage, Washington's a relative newcomer. Not long after settlers started moving to the Pacific Northwest in great numbers in the late 1880's...along came Prohibition to throw a big ol' monkey wrench into the works. Once th... Read more


I love Lady Gaga’s fashion style. Like Elton John, especially in the 1970’s her music is not only what makes her famous. Her flamboyant creative style and limitless boundaries continue to surprise us with her fashion statements. Read more

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Milwaukee County voters will find three candidates for Circuit Court Branch 15 on the Feb. 17 primary ballot: Ronald Dague, Daniel Gabler and J.D. Watts. They appeared at a Feb. 4 Milwaukee Bar Association forum to explain why they should succeed .. Read more

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A goodelectronica show seems harder and harder to find these days, especially in Milwaukee’s cover-heavylocal bar scene. Competing for audiences against old house and techno standbysis a new kind of cerebral, “dance-in-place” music tailor made fo... Read more

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Moby has just released a “free exclusive mix” of tracks from his upcoming album, Last Night. At just nine minutes, it’s not the most generous free mix ever released, and it doesn’t allow for too many generalizations about the new album, but there.. Read more

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Although the sheer number of celebrity impersonations in Frank Caliendo’s arsenal is Guys on Ice ,This Week in Milwaukee Read more

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