Elon Musk

In Space Barons, Christian Davenport chronicles the failures, the successes and the thrills associated with entrepreneurs seeking to put humans back on the moon—and send them beyond. Read more


Perhapsit’s telling that Elon Musk confides this to Werner Herzog: he can neverremember his dreams, only nightmares stay with him. The SpaceX-Tesla visionaryis the most famous of the dozens of theorists and scientists Herzog.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

For Off The Wall Theatre’s production of the popular musical Guys and Dolls , director Dale Gutzman and set designer David Roper take on the challenge of turning the cozy, 60-seat theater into Times Square, populating the Read more

Today in Milwaukee

In the 2005 book Real Men Cook: Rites, Rituals, and Recipes for Living, author Karega Kofi Moyo writes, "Increasingly, African-American men in particular are often portrayed as criminals, drug addicts, absentee fathers and jailbirds. Seldom... Read more

Dining Preview