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Elvis Costello dug into the mellower corners of his songbook at a risky, generous show celebrating Imperial Bedroom. Read more

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Summerfest may be over, but there’s no shortage of outdoor music events this weekend. Read more

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Roy Orbison: Black & White Night 30 Rather than repackage Roy Orbison’s acclaimed 1987 cable special, the producers culled through unused footage and showed,Home Movies / Out On Digital Read more

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With the exception of several ’70s progressive rock bands that caught the ears of prog fans, Italian rock has been a local phenomenon. Italy’s Zucchero has sold millions of discs around the world, and collaborated with the likes of Eric Cla... Read more

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On Los Niños Sin Miedo, The Parrots, a punky, garage-reverb rock trio from Madrid, hold their songs together with spit and moxie. In a mere 26 minutes, they argue sloppily, yet well, for primitivism over professionalism. Read more

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Although Allen Keller and Mike Benign bill Happiless as their debut album, both have long (but separate) résumés dating from such ’80s Milwaukee bands as Women’s Liberace and Blue In The Face. The melodic ambitions of ’60s pop rock undersco... Read more

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In a list of the drunkest citiesin America, Wisconsin had seven in the top ten and five more in the top 20. Imean, we really kicked some serious ass… Maybe a little too much ass. Somemight say excessive use of alcohol is a bad thing.  T.. Read more


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For someone who’s usually thought of as a solo artist, Elvis Costello rarely goes it alone. He’s been through at least two official backing bands, the Attractions for much of the 1980s and the I,Concert Reviews Read more

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This week on The Disclaimer, WMSE's weekly half hour of civil conversation with Ryan Schleicher, Matt Wild and I, we offer our annual summer concert preview, sharing the shows we're most excited to check out in the coming months. Among some of our.. Read more

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Elvis Costello will return to the Riverside Theater in June for a solo show, the venue announced this morning. The legendary songwriter has swung through town quite a few times over the last decade with his touring band The Imposters, but this sum.. Read more

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Since moving from Manitowoc to Milwaukee, comedian Jake Kornely wasted little time exploring the city's creative possibilities and establishing his niche within the comedy Read more

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 Tapedfor a Cinemax broadcast in 1988, “Black & White Night” featured Roy Orbisonand an all-star band in what proved to be the singer’s final concert. Reissuednow on DVD, “Black & White Night” has endured as one of t.. Read more

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The friend who accompanied me to Diana Krall's show Monday night had been enjoying her music for a while, but he had never known her to be a pianist as well as a singer. As Krall pumped and clacked away in the black stiletto heels... Read more

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<p> The BMO Harris Pavilion has announced another post-Summerfest concert: Elvis Costello and the Imposters will headline the stage on Saturday, Sept. 15. The long-running joke about Costello is that whenever he releases a new album, record stores.. Read more

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“We've never been fashionable,” Gomez's Ben Ottewell says in his deep-set voice. “We were never cool... Read more

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Power-pop is a genre that has seen its better day—and that was sometime in 1972. And yet, on its second CD, The Mike Benign Compulsion delivers a perfectly shaped blast of power-pop with “My Michelle,” a short, pointed, fiercely tuneful Read more

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Just moments after the end of the All-Star Game, news broke that Dealin' Doug Melvin was at it again and had added Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez (K-Rod).Details of the trade so far are sketchy - the Brewers traded 2 players to be named later (P.. Read more

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Although Elvis Costello long ago lost his knack for knocking listeners off their feet, his lyrical skill has never diminished and the scope of his stylistic ambition has only grown. Some of the best moments on his new album come courtesy of... Read more

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Talk about hidden treasures. Tucked at the rear of the Indian Bazaar grocery store (5254 S. 27th St.), located in an inconspicuous strip mall, is a sit-down, fast-food restaurant with counter service. Overlook the makeshift setting and plas... Read more

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When it comes to the notion ofcivically representing our downtrodden hordes of people not Hot-shot lawyer calls the president just before midnight, gets an aideon the phone. Lawye ,Art for Art's Sake Read more

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