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A Boy from Tupelo is the most complete collection of those early recordings, made in the Sun Records studio under the tutelage of producer Sam Phillips or taped from radio broadcasts in 1954 and ’55. more

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In DNA is Not Destiny: The Remarkable, Completely Misunderstood Relationship Between You and Your Genes, Steven J. Heine, cultural psychologist at the University of British Columbia, condemns the fatalism and exaggerated claims made on beha... more

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R. Kelly talks to the Shepherd Express about house music, Elvis Presley, the future of “Trapped in the Closet,” and why he considers himself “a musical hospital.” more

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The legend of Elvis Presley in his final years concerns wasted talent, prescription drug abuse, physical decline and shaky performances. Way Down in the Jungle Room, a collection of his final recordings, aims to dispel that dark view—explic... more

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Whether or not the actual Oval Office conversation is accurately echoed by the movie, Elvis & Nixon highlights the real parallels between two seemingly antithetical men who made history in the last century. more

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 Elvis Presley’sfinal decade is often remembered for the drug abuse, obesity, spottyperformances and erratic behavior that climaxed in an early death. But in 1970,the King of Rock and Roll was at the top of the game he chose to pla.. more

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 Anypressing need for another Elvis book? Speaking as the co-author of one, theanswer is “No!” and even if I’d never written a word on the subject, it wouldstill be “No!” Sowhat’s with the latest title on the Pres.. more

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 ElvisPresley’s great ambition was to become a respected Hollywood actor. Although hestarred in many pictures, his dream was continually thwarted by themachinations of his manager, Colonel Tom Parker. And to be fair, the Col.. more

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The mismanagement of Elvis’ career by Colonel Parker is infamous and the Colonel’s treatment of the King as a cash cow wasn’t the worst of it. Elvis’ manager was a tin-eared philistine who imagined that the general public shared his bad tas... more

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Elvis may have been the star of his first movie, but he played only a supporting role in this post-Civil War drama. Love Me Tender (1956), out now on Blu-ray, was a competent B movie from the old studio system, with more

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 Earlier this year a Canadian classical artistreleased an album on which she interpreted compositions from video gamesoundtracks. With that precedent, it's no surprise that an Oscar-winningcomposer for film should be tapped to write.. more

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 Therereally was a generation gap—a gaping chasm—between the rock’n’rollers and theold school entertainers of the previous era. Nowhere was this more evident thanin the 1963 movie Bye Bye Birdie , adapted from a recent Broadway hit... more

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Nineteen fifty-six was the year Elvis Presley rose from promising, regionally popular Southern star in a genre the music press called “rural rhythm” into Elvis, the King of Rock'n'Roll. His ascent resulted in part from the work of his ca... more

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The artistry of Elvis Presley's career after his return from the army rose and fell with as many fluctuations as the stock market. His worst music was generally produced for the movie soundtracks he came to despise. The best was recorded in... more

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A trio of local literati will visit bookstores across the city this week. Valerie Laken, author of Dream House, moved to Milwaukee in 2006 and served two years as the writer in residence at Carthage College before joining the creative writi... more

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The Ann Arbor Film Festival is one of America’s longest running film festivals and also one of its most innovative, culling each year a daring selection of independent and experimental films. The festival’s two-day program for Milwaukee more

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Yet, the 100 trackscomprising Elvis 75 (the age he wouldhave turned in 2010) demonstrate Elvis 75 ,CD Reviews more

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Although they created major buzz, with a little help from a red hot Jack White, with the 2003 single “Danger! High Voltage,” Detroit’s Electric Six somehow failed to parlay that excitement into lasting mainstream recognition. It wasn&rsq more

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