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The Foxconn project is moving along quicker than expected, but not everyone is enjoying the speedy progress of the development. Read more

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The village decided to approve the “Award of Damages” for nine parcels of land within the area for a roadway expansion related to the Foxconn project. Read more

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President Donald Trump broke ground on Foxconn’s new manufacturing campus in Mount Pleasant Thursday. Simultaneously, protesters called for transparency and honesty concerning the state’s and village’s handling of the $10 billion factory. Read more

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The Mount Pleasant Village Board voted Monday to declare the area where the new Foxconn Technology Campus will be located to be blighted in order to acquire land from holdouts in the area. Read more

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A bill on housing and construction—AB 770—heading to the Wisconsin State Senate and Gov. Scott Walker’s desk, is full of unintended consequences. Maybe the Legislature should reconsider? Read more

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