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Holy Pinto’s Aymen Saleh never planned to move to Milwaukee, but the British emo-pop songwriter is glad it worked out that way. Read more

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Like some of the albums it most recalls—Codeine’s Frigid Stars, Galaxie 500’s On Fire—Township’s debut LP has a way of making time stand still. Read more

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While many of the emo acts they grew up listening to have moved on to pop, Milwaukee’s Dreamhouse vow to keep the guitars front and center. Read more

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The Rave welcomes three huge rap shows while Milwaukee bands get in the Halloween spirit. Read more

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Boxcutter looks to Green Day, Brand New and Taking Back Sunday on the project’s openly reverential Stuck EP. Read more

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It’s a lonely existence being an emo band in Milwaukee. Although the city was one of the creative hubs for the genre during its ’90s incarnations, emo hasn’t had much of a presence here since,Local Music Read more

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Børns, Dälek, Dr. Dog and Sunny Day Real Estate’s Jeremy Enigk should keep concertgoers plenty busy this week. Read more

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For their latest LP, the Milwaukee emo trio Estates sojourned for a weekend at Hum guitarist Matt Talbott’s studio. Read more

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Taking musical chances may have backfired on 2009’s Folie à Deux, but it paid off on Fall Out Boy’s reunion effort. Read more

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In Influenced, we talk to Milwaukee musicians about the artists that shaped and inspired them, both as performers and listeners.The Milwaukee three piece Estates formed just two years ago, but they c,Music Feature Read more

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Tim Kasher has never recorded a concept album where he literally sleeps with his mother, kills his father then blinds himself, but he's come pretty damn close at least two or three times. Unfolding,Concert Reviews Read more

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I say this all the time when I write about emo, but as Midwesterners, this stuff runs through our veins. If you’re a rock fan who grew up in the ’90s, you were exposed to it constantly, either at small punk shows or through the genre’s more commer.. Read more

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Somewhere beside “bass player upset at lead singer for hogging the spotlight” and “guitarist’s girlfriend lobbying for more solos,” failure to get a record deal sits prominently on the lists of reasons bands call it quits. But it’s no... Read more

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You’ll find a lot of genre tags on Worn , the debut EP from the Fond du Lac band Township: alternative, indie, rock, pop punk, grunge, etc. And none of them are inaccurate, per se, but all of them bury the lede, because make no bones about it, thi.. Read more

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Visit enough kitchens in Milwaukee’s thriving dining scene and you’ll find a common thread: A great many of the chefs cooking in these kitchens received their occupational training from Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) and its renown... Read more

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The Milwaukee rep has assembled some of its finest actors for its production of Conor McPherson’s contemporary drama The Seafarer , the tale of four Irishmen who play poker with the devil. Lee Ernst plays Sharky, an alcoholic Read more

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I'm used to hearing all kinds of weird music at Miller Park—organ novelties, original rap songs about Prince Fielder, reggaeton—but I think this was the weirdest one yet: Last night the stadium played a fairly lengthy excerpt of "Lemon Yellow Blac.. Read more

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I know I’ve been focused on the right-wing Advocates for Student Achievement’s attempts to hijack the MPS board elections, but there’s a ton of interesting blog posts on the other very important races on the April 7 ballot. Here are a few that eve.. Read more

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Science has uncovered some strange creatures, especially in the depths of the sea where sunlight never reaches. But from the dark corners of the world’s surface come reports of creatures science refuses to admit to its zoology. The History Channe.. Read more

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For those who didn’t get their fill of fashionable emo-punk at the Warped Tour, Cute Rotation ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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