The Shepherd Express endorses judges and MPS School Board candidates for the election of Tuesday, April 2. Read more

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The Shepherd Express endorses several candidates for national, state and local offices for the election taking place on Tuesday, Nov. 6. Read more

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A strong vote will let legislators know that their constituents are serious and want Wisconsin to move into the 21st century. Read more

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The Shepherd Express enthusiastically and unequivocally endorses Tony Evers for governor. Read more

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Mandela Barnes has experience, vision and energy. Barnes, a former state legislator from Milwaukee, ticks all the boxes you need in a great candidate and state official. Read more

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The problems at the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office didn’t magically disappear when its vitriolic former Sheriff, David Clarke, resigned August 2017. Read more

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After more than a decade as a state senator—where she fiercely fought against voter ID laws designed to disenfranchise black voters—Moore became the first African American from Wisconsin elected to the House of Representatives in 2004. Read more

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Sarah Godlewski, an Eau Claire, Wis., native, is eminently qualified to serve as the state’s financial watchdog. Read more

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If the name Doug La Follette rings a bell, it should; he has successfully and diligently served the people of Wisconsin for many years as secretary of state by monitoring lobbying activities and investigating ethics violations. Read more

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Born and raised on the South Side, Marisabel Cabrera’s family fought to get by and, more than once, had to rely on a local church for food and other necessities; thus, she became aware at a very early age about how difficult life can be for ... Read more

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Milwaukee-born Frederick P. Kessler has earned his bid for re-election to the Wisconsin Assembly. Read more

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Incumbent Evan Goyke is bright, hardworking and spends a great deal of his time working on the issues directly affecting his constituents. Read more

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The Shepherd Express endorses several qualified candidates running for public office; the primary election takes place Tuesday, Aug. 14, statewide. Read more

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The Shepherd apologizes for endorsing Chris Abele in his previous campaigns for Milwaukee County executive. Based on his record in office, we can no longer support his Scott Walker-like agenda. Read more

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The Shepherd Express endorses a no vote on the statewide referendum question on the April 7, 2015, ballot that would change the way that state Supreme Court chief justices are selected. The current chief justice, Shirley Abrahamson, has sto... Read more

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We believe that Democrat Doug La Follette is the best candidate for secretary of state. Although the Republican Legislature has diminished the stature of the office over time, La Follette has always Read more

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Jefferson County District Attorney Susan Happ is an impressive candidate for state attorney general and she deserves your vote. Happ is a Democrat who has won Read more

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Thanks to gerrymandering, it doesn’t look like Democrats will be in power in the House of Representatives anytime soon. But we believe that it’s important to elect Read more

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We encourage Shepherd readers to head to the polls on Tuesday, Aug. 12, for the partisan primaries. Candidates from both major parties are on the ballot that day so Read more

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The title says itall. It’s Election Day, so make your voice heard and head out to the polls.They’re open until 8 p.m., and you get that awesome sticker when you’ve castyour ballot. You can find yourpolling place and sample ballot on the Gove.. Read more

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