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“We are in this bizarre political state in which most of the Republican Party still thinks it has to pretend that climate change is not real,” said Jonathan F.P. Rose. Read more

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Unfortunately, We Energiesisn’t the only fossil fuel-based utility that’s attackingsolar panel owners. It’s part of a nationalcampaign to destroy the solar industry by making clean energy unaffordable forthe average homeowner.  The utiliti.. Read more

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Soon after his election in 2004, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett assembled a Green Team to study and recommend improvements... Read more

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Where's the Truth? Letters and Journals, 1948-1957 (Farrar, Straus & Giroux), edited by Mary Boyd Higgins, is the fourth and final installment culled from the writings of highly... Read more


The sound of many contemporary jazz musicians comes from a generic anywhere, rooted in nothing but their conservatory training. Bassist-vocalist Avishai Cohen is one player who sounds much like the place where he lives. Aurora is unmistakab... Read more

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Sorry, Eagles fans: Tonight’s Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra “The Music of the Eagles” concert at the Riverside Theater has been canceled due to “travel restrictions.” ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Republican nominee John McCain’s answer to energy independence includes the ,Think You Know John McCain? Read more

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   Thefolk music of Greece,CD Reviews Read more

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Dear Editor: It's not about changing light bulbs anymore! When Al Gore's and Leonardo Mock Up on Mu ,Letters Read more

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This post comes from the Brewer Bar and I think it's really well said, so I'm posting it in it's entirety ___ By Jesse Motiff | March 4th, 2008 The following rant will most likely sound like I’m not a fan of Prince Fielde.. Read more

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Some of you are of an age where you remember the old party-linetelephones. One felt guilty if he or she lingered for a moment beforehanging up--just to find out who was talking to whom. (If mother sawyou linger, it was off to bed!) The modern d.. Read more

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Editor I've been in the energy business for 40 years and been apioneer in both the How She Move ,Letters Read more

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Gov. Jim Doyle has convened a Global Warming Task Forc What’s your take? Write: ,News Features Read more

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Wisconsin consumers are using less energy. That’s a good thing. But we’re payi What’s your take? Write: ,Cover Story Read more

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