The “2015 Milwaukee Latino Carnaval” will take place fromWednesday, July 22nd through Saturday, July 25th.The Carnaval will include the following events takingplace over the four day period: Stories and Colors of the Milwaukee LatinoCarnav.. Read more

Happening Now

A great big smooch on the pooch to everyone who offered kind words about my debut in Shepherd Express. I’m glad you like “Hear Me Out,” and I’ll do my best not to let you down. Thanks! Read more

Hear Me Out

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Photo Credit: Kiri Lin

Having two nearly flawless albums to your name is no small feat for any artist, but Phoenix accomplished it when they followed 2006’s It’s Never Been Like That with Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix in 2,Concert Reviews Read more

Concert Reviews

The knock against French alternative rockers is that they essentially write the same song over and over again. That criticism is more or less fair, but man, the songs “Lisztomania” and “1901” from 2009’s sterling Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

On Monday, Marquette University and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel sponsored a conference on the future of the BMO Harris Bradley Center. The business community wants a new or a greatly expanded facility so that the city Read more

Issue of the Week

  There was not any mention of it in Mark Bucher's curtain speech this past weekend. At least, not on Saturday night. His production of The Last Romance will be one of the final show was staged at the Boulevard Theatre. Somewhere in the mix of thi.. Read more


The Wisconsin Actors Ensemble offers local audiences a chance to hang out with reasonable approximations of Dean Martin. Marilyn Monroe Groucho Marx, Phillis Diller as it hosts The New Years Eve Dinner Show at the Humphry Scottish Rite Center. A.. Read more


<p> Inevitably, the documentary <em>Something's Gonna Live</em> celebrates the survival of its subjects, the 80 and 90something artisans who toiled behind the camera in Hollywood's Golden Age. But Daniel Raim's film (out on DVD) also honors the .. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

PrideFest is 25 years old. To honor that, Milwaukee's LGBTQ celebration June 8-10 will welcome back... Read more

A&E Feature 2 Comments

Brooklyn’s breakthrough post-punk band Interpol lost longtime bassist Carlos Dengler shortly after finishing their upcoming, self-titled record, but they found a suitable backup for their latest live tour: David Pajo, the former Slint Read more

Today in Milwaukee

As You Like It is one of those comedies. Shakespeare sometimes wrote really, really long works featuring multiple subplots. Many different characters designed to appeal to many different types of people drift about, occasionally colliding into e.. Read more


For those freaks in the world who are actually athletically talented, sports injuries are a common occurrence. If you get on the field, you are going to get hurt. There’s no crying in baseball. But for the rest of the population who would r... Read more


Karl Rove’s chief IT consultant, MikeConnell—who was facing subpoena in conne The Nation ,None Read more

Happening Now

Questions, oh yeah, you bet. But no focking question focking bigger forme, lo, these days Alien ,Art for Art's Sake Read more

Art for Art's Sake

The cast members of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” are still touring behind the basic premise of that program, speaking to the continued popularity of improvisational comedy. Though the Alchemist Theatre doesn’t promise quite the same degree Read more

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It had been a dark and stormy month of financialcollapse, culminating in an attempted power grab. Pushed by his fellow WallStreet Ponzi schemers, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson—a former Goldman SachsCEO—was threatening Armageddon unles,Ne... Read more

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Ridiculously prolific sometimes Pixies frontman Frank Black, still touring under his Pixies-era nom de plume Black Francis, will return to Shank Hall next month for a $20, 8 p.m. show on July 12. The show promises to be a break from his recent per.. Read more

On Music

Further dampening my enthusiasm for this year's Lollapalooza, which I still think lacks the major-event headliners of past years, is a splotchy schedule that tends to pit some of the most exciting mid-level acts against each other in the same time.. Read more

On Music