It’s a familiartrope, the comparison of life with a theatrical production. Working our waychronologically backwards, we find the image in Walt Whitman’s spectacular odeto existence “O Me! O Life! Read more

Happening Now

"Death andtaxes," is the classic, glib attempt to enumerate life's certainties. Amore sober and somber response differs only in omitting the latter conjunct. Forsome the inevitability of death is a source of crippling despair. Woody Allen,for .. Read more

Visual Arts

Department of Children and Families (DCF) Secretary Reggie Bicha had been touted as the headliner at the July 24 Community Brainstorming meeting devoted to the problems in the Wisconsin Shares day care program.But Bicha didn’t show up to he... Read more

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Nicholas Rankin is happy to stereotype his own people. “The British enjoy deceiving their enemies,” he writes in the opening line of his book. And while offering much evidence that his country’s enemies were also adept at deception, his Read more