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Prolific biographer David Ritz collaborated with Aretha Franklin 20 years ago to produce Aretha: From These Roots, an endearing but incomplete autobiography. Built on extensive interviews with Aretha’s siblings, co-producers and peers, Resp... more

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In the early 1970s, basketball artiste Julius Erving, dubbed “The Doctor” by a childhood buddy, was a living representation of Black Power. With a three-dimensional, frequently improvised game rooted in years of disciplined work and blac... more

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In 1953, enrollment at the University of Wisconsin hit its lowest ebb since the Second World War at just over 13,000. In 1960, with American fear of Soviet expansion past the point of panic, the university received more than a million more

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The Coldest Winter Ever, published in 1999, established Bronx-born orator/educator/organizer/essayist Sister Souljah as a first-rate novelist. The book set a standard for urban/street literature still unmatched. Its sociopathic more

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If one person epitomizes the many dualities of rock music—brutality and tenderness, bombast and subtlety, artifice and spirituality, self-reinvention and deception, exhilaration and despair, heroism and hubris, intelligence and lunacy—that ... more

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Imagine, as literary premise, a demon in young Caucasian male form. So far, so Goth. Make this demon handsome, athletic and intelligent. Put him in Huntington Beach, Calif. Have him surf, hate Reagan and listen to Rodney Bingenheimer... more

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Distinguished by arresting black-and-white art, DC Comics’ Vertigo Crime imprint shares a high-contrast look, fast action, and a macabre allure with DC’s incipient 1930s comic books. Like many early DC stories, two of Vertigo Crime’s six more

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Terry Teachout’s previous biographical subjects are George Balanchine and H. L. Mencken, so it’s a boon to Louis Armstrong fans that Teachout chose the great man for this new life story. Pops: A Life of Louis Armstrong (Houghton Mifflin Har... more

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Thomas Pynchon—post-surreal political hippie/punkslinger of prose full of history, Inherent Vice ,Books more

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The state of book editing appears precarious. Editor Otto Penzler's Black Noir (Pegasus), Black Noir ,Books more

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Long Island, N.Y., rap crew Public Enemy is an elite musical entity: a long-lasting group Do the Right Thing ,Books more

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In 1944, years before On the Road and Naked Lunch made them household names, 22-year-old J On the Road ,Books more

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With its deadly accuracy, the rifled musket may have wrought unprecedented psychological t Awaiting the Heavenly Country: The Civil War and America's Culture of Death ,Books more

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  FormerMojo magazine editor Paul Trynkaappears to have spent 15 years, on and off, Mojo ,Books more

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There’snever a scarcity of problems for people like me,” proclaims private inv Blonde Faith ,Books more

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