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A casual glance at the Musical Masquer's Facebook page looks promising. Things are coming along. Patsy has mastered the art of coconutting. Arthur has mastered the art of pointing at his feet. There’s a good chance that Sir Robbin is limberi.. more


Monty Python’s Spamalot kicks off the inaugural season of Theatre Unchained at the former Carte Blanche Studios.Written by Python’s Eric Idle with John Du Prez, Spamalot adapts the surrealist troupe’s first feature film, Monty Python and th... more


  More than just an attempt to cash-in on the alarmingly enduring popularity of an old British sketch comedy group, Monty Python’s Spamalot is a really enjoyable night at the theatre. As easy as it is to bemoan the lack of creativity or willing.. more


Balkan brass band music captivated California clarinetist Peter Jaques after he discovered the genre by exploring one of its cultural cousins, klezmer. Like his models in the Serbian Gypsy bands from the former Yugoslavia, Jaques’ group fou... more

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When John Mayall reformed his long-defunct Bluesbreakers in the 1980s without Eric Clapton, Peter Green or Mick Taylor, but made up for its lack of star power with the sheer force of new guitarist Coco Montoya, a one-time drummer for Albert... more

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