Estabrook Dam

Monday’sHalloween night public hearing on Milwaukee County’s 2017 budget was full ofspooky myths and misinformation, especially regarding the $60 vehicleregistration fee (AKA the wheel tax) as well as the Go Pass for the county’sseniors and di.. more

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We’ll be clear up front: We believe that the Estabrook Dam should be torn down. That said, we certainly don’t like the plan hatched to tear down the dam and we believe it sets a dangerous precedent for future sales of county-owned land that... more

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Pending court cases and a new deadline of Dec. 31 could force Milwaukee County to jumpstart its solution to this years-long battle over fixing the Estabrook Dam and reinstating a lake within the Milwaukee River or pulling it out of the wate... more

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The deadline for a decision on Milwaukee County's crumbling Estabrook Dam is June 24, according to... more

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It came as no shock to observers of Gov.-elect Scott Walker that he came out swinging against state employees shortly after his election. After all, Walker has treated Milwaukee County employees like public nuisances who don’t deserve to be... more

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Though he’s best known as the mulleted, kilted WWE wrestler—and perhaps the greatest (and most likable) villain the fake sport has ever seen, infamously taking on good guys Hulk Hogan and Mr. T at the inaugural 1985 WrestleMania more

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