I check the Cost of War site every month just to maintain perspective.With the testimony of David Petraeus and his Tonto, the trillion dollarfigures are finally beyond whispering levels. To date, $509.7 billionspent and we are on the way to two.. Read more

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Listening to general Patreaus and the pathetic Ambassador Crocker talkabout the surge, while the Green Zone is under attack, 10 U.S. Soldiershave been killed in three days and 35 injured, reminds me of thequestion asked of Exxon's Vice Presiden.. Read more

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Contemporary country music is on a bit of a sentimental streak right now, which bodes wel It All Started ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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In addition to the noodly guitar synonymous with jam music and the requisite funk and jaz From the Corner to the Block ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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