From Here To Eternity

In the mid-1950s, Hollywood proudly proclaimed that “Movies Are Better Than Ever.” And it was hard to argue the point, with many of the brightest stars at their peak, innovations such as wide-screen cinemascope, 3D and patron-friendly pr... Read more

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Musicaltheater legend Tim Rice has written this musical about the classic 1951 novel FromHere To Eternity . It’s the story of illicit romance in the army just priorto the attack on Pearl Harbor that ushered-in U.S. involvement in World War II... Read more


Who are the all-time best movie villains—actors we love to hate on the big screen? This is a challenging question even for dedicated film aficionados.Quickly coming to my mind are Charles Laughton Read more

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A new report from the nonpartisan watchdog group Justice at Stake shows just how far Wisconsin has fallen. According to the report, campaigns for the state Supreme Court were among the costliest in the country. Total Supreme Court spending ... Read more

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Just two more weeks and the Wisconsin Legislature will be finished with its work for the year. Any bill not passed in this final two-week session dies and must be reintroduced after new legislators are sworn in next year.While some major-he... Read more

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