Eugene Von Bruenchenhein

Landmarks Gallery is mounting “Wisconsin: The 20th Century,” a selection of paintings by Wisconsin artists. Read more

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The Portrait Society Gallery’s “WIS-CON-SIN” exhibit spans three centuries of work by Wisconsin photographers J. Shimon, J. Lindemann, Eugene Von Bruenchenhein and Charles Van Schaick. Read more

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For anyone curious about what makes something art, a visit to the Milwaukee Art Museum before May 4 to view “Uncommon Folk: Traditions in American Art” will offer much to ponder. The exhibition features some 600 works from the museum’s p... Read more

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BlogmasterGeneral is a mixed bag. The gig is not without its headaches; be theyfigurative (e.g. the tedium of transcription) or literal (usu. induced bycomputer screen staring). But tallied up, the perks far surpass the pains. Casein po.. Read more

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Whether viewed from afar in the halls of the prestigious 55th Venice Biennale International Contemporary Art Exhibition in Italy, where two Milwaukee artists from the Kohler Arts Center Collection are currently on display Read more

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In some cases, perhaps the best we can hope for from our politicians is that they’re lying to us. If they actually believe some of the things they say, we’re in really big trouble.We have perfect examples in the Republican opposition to eco... Read more

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