Eurydice is an exception. Wood nymphs aren’t generally given a whole lot of attention in myth and legend. They tend to lie outside the center of the frame in so many stories. Her dad was Apollo, the god of light, but the oak nymph Eurydice is give.. more



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Home to American Players Theatre (APT) is a magical natural outdoor amphitheater on a hill in the middle of the woods that lies two hours from Milwaukee in Spring Green. APT is a repertory theater company of 37 years that pays tribute to Sh... more



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Personally I don’t see the appeal of Sara Ruhl’s Eurydice. It’s a contemporary mutation of the story of a daughter of Apollo who became the wife of Orpheus. In principle it’s kind of a nice idea, but it lacks a whole lot of insight. To me it almos.. more


FirstStage’s summer Company Classes in Milwaukee and Oconomowoc are ending theirfour-week run. This classes broaden performance skills and deepen knowledge oftheatre for kids in grades 9 through 12. This weekend both classes culminate ina coup.. more


At the death of his adored Eurydice, the musician Orpheus breached the Underworld. He sang about love so beautifully that Hades let Eurydice return to life provided Orpheus refrained from looking at her on the way more

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From the group that continues to re-invent New Years In Milwaukee, Newaukee presents MKE-NYE 2011 where they will celebrate midnight twice! There will be performances by: DJ Ma,Holiday Guide 2010 more

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The “Grit Patterns” exhibition at Bay View’s BYO Studio showcases the designs of 14 UW-Milwaukee architecture and urban planning students who developed permanent, functional architectural installations for local businesses, including Roa more

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Honor among politicians, like honor among thieves, is relative.Early in his professional life, the great investigative reporter Seymour Hersh served as a campaign aide to the late Sen. Eugene McCarthy, the anti-war presidential candidate wh... more

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Girls singer Christopher Owens sings in his band’s single “Lust for Life” that “I’m just crazy, I’m totally mad.” When you grow up in the Children of God cult, live a nomadic lifestyle with a mother forced into pr more

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They are legendary among students of early film, Fantomas and Les Vampires, a pair of serials from the 1910s. Their pulp fiction stories looked ahead toward the fantastic strain in action cinema, while seeming to invert the moral universe adopted.. more

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