Mental health is directly related to physical health, as psychotherapist Philip Chard explains. Read more

Out of My Mind by Philip Chard

Photo via Charles Dawley, Flickr CCYou may not always have a 30 or 60 minutes, butI’ll bet you can find 15 minutes to get that blood flowing.  A basic jump rope can save you when you’re ina time crunch and help you in a variety of ways.  It’.. Read more

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Photo Courtesy Mike Beltzner, Flickr CCFrom gym workouts, sports, and being a Hollywood stunt performer tohosting an on-demand, online fitness show, it’s safe to say fitness is mylife.  It begs the question: What happensif I stop for a week.. Read more

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Photo Courtesy Uwe Hermann, Flickr CCSugar can be found is 80% of all the food we eat morning,noon and night.  (Really, take a look atyour labels and start tracking.)  Nowonder it can be hard to successfully lose weight and steady blood pre.. Read more

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Photo Courtesy Alan Levine, Flickr CCIt’s March! Spring is in the air, and you feel it! Well, onsome days you do. Days are longer and brighter. The gray sky gives way to sun,and the chill lifts, pushing off the seasonal depression. All this .. Read more

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Photo Courtesy Jason Gessner, Flickr CCRunners will be coming in from over 20 states to the Pettit National Ice Center January 29-31for the 8th annual Icebreaker IndoorMarathon. Festivities include a 5k race on Friday night,.. Read more

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For most, fitness since the “Arnold era” means a gym with cardio equipment, free weights, mirrors and machines, and people counting out reps and sets. That's fine. Some people prefer that. But because machines isolate particular muscle gr Read more

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Fondling a treatment brochure as if fondling yourself Andrew Koszewski is a graduate of the Poetry program at Columbia College Chicago and the a ,Poetry Read more

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If you’re like me, you may have dismissed Kris Kristofferson as a 1970s sex symbol due to his appearance alongside Barbra Streisand in A Star Is Born. But like me, you may not have known that he wrote his major dissertation on William Blake... Read more


For the most part, each Blonde Redhead album has been dreamier and less turbulent than the last—the New York group has reinvented itself several times over since its noisy 1995 debut—yet the group’s latest album, Penny Sparkle , is Read more

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Think of Pecha Kuchas as speed-learning sessions. Each evening, a lineup of presenters gives quick lectures on an idiosyncratic topic of their choice: Subjects at past Pecha Kucha events ranged from the informative (recycling Read more

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Any credible list of the greatest guitar players of the last 25 years would include nine people who were influenced by Buddy Guy and one man who is Buddy Guy. Many of the former, including Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Clapton, sought Read more

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On ThirdCoast Digest, DJ Hostettler posted an excellent remembrance piece today about the old Globe East, an anchor of the East Side music scene in the 1990s, before North Avenue was completely overrun by college bars. It's a must-read for any stu.. Read more

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Newest rumors have both Chris Duffy and Hernan Iribarren will be sentback down to Nashville before the Interleague series with the Twins.Gerut will be put on the roster and the other spot is for RJ Swindleand his slow curve ball of doom.The Twi.. Read more

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Milwaukee rappers and activist Viva Fidel has branched out into the world of cinema with h Controlled Demo ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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  Former Brewers skinflint Bud Selig made yet another faux pas when he sent the Astros to play the Division Champion Cubs in a "neutral" facility, our own Miller Park. Selig was trying to ,Sports Read more

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Most marinophiles have probably dipped their hands in the water and petted a stingray at Shark Tale ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Sinceit may be difficult for adults to have an honest conversation about sexwith their t “ ,News Features Read more

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