Fairy Tales

Granted it’s not nearly as weird as some Japanese fairy tales, but Rapunzel is probably one of the stranger folk tales to come out of Europe. It could almost read like a garish parody of the traditional European folk tale. Beauty is in a tower tha.. Read more


It’skind of strange to think that fairy tales have become kid’s stuff. Older fairytales were intended for adults as well as children. Over the years, the ancientstories have evolved into something that had become very sanitized and veryjuvenil.. Read more


"There wastheatre (Griffith), poetry (Murnau), painting (Rossellini), dance (Eisenstein),music (Renoir). Henceforward there is cinema. And the cinema is NicholasRay."Had he waited afew decades to deliver this pronunciamento, Jean-Luc Go.. Read more

Visual Arts

Country duo Brooks & Dunn has canceled their June 29 performance at the Marcus Amphitheater after a doctor put singer Ronnie Dunn on vocal rest, sidelining their tour for three weeks. Replacing the venerable country duo tonight will be Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Japanese restaurants are becoming more common in Milwaukee—seemingly every neighborhood has one. Too often, however, the menus feature the same options for tempura, teriyaki and sushi. One restaurant that breaks the mold is Midori Fusion (1... Read more

Dining Preview

The Black Eyed Peas began innocuously in the late ’90s as a trio of breakdancers turned rappers to preach a message of positivity. That was, of course, before the 2003 addition of Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson, a former child star with a color Read more

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